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What is Revenue Intelligence?

Why You’re Going To Start Hearing A Lot About Revenue Intelligence

The e-commerce surge – coupled with pandemic disruption – has ushered in massive change across the distribution industry. Supply chain challenges and inflation are also leveling up challenges in the post-pandemic business landscape. In the midst of it all, you may have come across the term “Revenue Intelligence” and wondered to yourself, “What exactly is Revenue Intelligence?”

You’re likely to hear the term Revenue Intelligence a lot moving forward. The concept is relatively new but is rapidly being adopted to drive greater digital intellect across the organization to support sales efforts from first touch to done deal.

Defining Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence The Defining Advantage in Post Pandemic Markets GuideRevenue Intelligence collects sales and product usage data across leads, prospects, and current customers with applied analysis to identify trends and the means to increase revenue. It combines the power of customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), and pricing optimization software to connect and transform these technologies into a purpose-built stack. The purpose? To support one overarching goal – revenue growth.

Data-driven insights from various teams – including sales, marketing, and support – are gathered and integrated into one source of truth that’s used to hone sales impact. It ensures distribution sales teams have the right insights regarding contacts, accounts, and opportunities to nurture engagements throughout the sales relationship effectively. It allows distributors to capitalize on the data that already resides within their existing systems and put it to work.

Resolving Major Pain Points

For years, distributors have tried to make do with software systems not designed to meet their specific needs. These solutions were challenging to navigate and didn’t deliver on their promise. This struggle resulted in organizations’ inability to achieve a return on investment, poor user adoption, and loads of lost efficiencies.

Before the advent of Revenue Intelligence platforms, data resided in siloes – left untouched or accessed only by a handful of users. Basically, a whole galaxy of information existed in a corporate black hole.

The result? Misses, waste, and risks around uncaptured and outdated data, not to mention instances of conflicting data. Moreover, unintelligent systems often required manual data entry, had limited automation capabilities, and could inadvertently introduce expired or irrelevant content into marketing and sales campaigns. A lack of Revenue Intelligence hampered nearly all operations impacting sales.

Piloting More Profitable Sales Journeys

Revenue Intelligence helps improve both top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. Leading platforms are easy-to-use and combine data, analytics, and workflows across CRM, BI and pricing optimization tools. This holistic business view fuels improvements, fosters opportunities, and helps blaze a trail to stronger profits.

Aragon Research reports that Revenue Intelligence can vastly improve sales productivity by leveraging progressive digital technologies such as natural language processing and predictive analytics. Buyer behaviors are analyzed to create a better predictive sales playbook. At the same time, efficiencies are achieved as key contacts and decision-makers are consistently updated across accounts and departments to maximize opportunities.

Nationally recognized CRM and small business expert Gene Marks says integrated technologies to support Revenue Intelligence can help organizations weather the storm of inflation by being smart about when and where they are raising prices and also helping to communicate the reasons behind these price increases to customers.

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What Revenue Intelligence offers:

  1. An Engine for Driving Revenue: It helps distributors increase revenue and improve their revenue performance.
  2. All-in-One/Connected /Easy-to-Use: Connecting CRM, BI, and Pricing modules to one another and to your ERP solution provide all-encompassing visibility with built-in automation and workflows for easier selling.
  3. Designed for Distributors: Revenue Intelligence explicitly designed for distributors focuses on sales functions, analytics, and reporting that matters. Users gain a competitive advantage at every revenue touchpoint throughout the entire customer lifecycle – from prospecting to closing deals to retaining customers and upselling along the way.

White Cup Revenue Intelligence


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White Cup offers a Revenue Intelligence platform with solutions specifically designed for the world of distribution. Our software captures data across critical business systems, reveals industry-specific analysis, and provides the tools needed to take action for revenue improvement.

The White Cup Revenue Intelligence ecosystem is comprised of proven, distributor-specific solutions that are sophisticated yet simple, intuitive, and rewarding to use. Flagship solutions include:

  • White Cup CRM: This recently announced addition to the White Cup portfolio offers a comprehensive set of distribution-focused features to drive sales, automate marketing activities and keep deals driving to closure. It was built to address the digital era’s high-volume, high-velocity, repeat sales distribution environment.
  • White Cup BI: This powerful business intelligence solution marries ERP and sales data into reports and dashboards that uncover customer insights, buying trends, and visibility. Analytics insights are provided through built-in reports on inventory, purchasing, vendor management, expenses, and other success factors that relentlessly drive revenue.
  • White Cup Pricing: An analytical powerhouse, White Cup Pricing enables complex customer and product segmentation and pricing analysis in minutes instead of weeks. Distributors can quickly generate “what if” scenarios to visualize and then realize the opportunities within customer and product segments – modeling potential outcomes before committing to overall segment changes.

The White Cup portfolio is the complete revenue engine for distributors and is laser-focused on driving more revenue and improved profits. More than 1,000 customers globally rely on and trust these solutions built to address distributors’ needs and backed by decades of industry experience.

Selling becomes easier when everything you need to succeed is connected. Revenue Intelligence facilitates these connections to give distributors the upper hand at every revenue touchpoint. CRM, BI, and ERP are critical systems with critical capabilities and a dizzying collection of acronyms. Revenue Intelligent focuses on the most important acronym for distributors – ROI.

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