12-Minute Tech Talk Video Series for Distributors

White Cup has created a video series to walk distributors through some low-hanging fruit techniques to maximize sales.

man in warehouse using tablet software for driving sales through targeted messaging

Generic Outreach is Hurting Your Revenue

How to Increase Your Sales with Personalization

As a distributor, you should be able to meet your customers where they need you. Brian Friedle, VP of Business Development at White Cup, discussed:

  • How a one-size-fits-all sales outreach hurts your business 
  • Applying technology to target the right customers with the right message 
  • How to sell better with personalization
woman in warehouse using crm to manage time and increase sales and sales activities

Managing Your Time to Maximize Sales

Finding the Sales Activities that Matter

There are many opportunities to sell more to your customers from new product lines to supply chain shifts. Kristen ThomDirector of Product Management at White Cup, discussed:

  • How BI and CRM work together to show revenue per activity
  • Reviewing sales activity and connecting it to results
  • Prioritizing your most profitable accounts
man using tablet to know your best customers in wholesale distribution

Do You Really Know Who Your Best Customers Are?

Better Customer Conversations with Segmentation

By leveraging technology, you can see quickly how your customers stack up and even run “what if” scenarios. Brian Friedle, VP of Business Development at White Cup, discussed:

  • How to identify your true best customers
  • What can your customers do to improve their pricing
  • Turning information into productive sales calls that ultimately increase customer value 

Easy Distributor Solutions

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