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Wholesale distributors handle massive amounts of valuable data—from customers and vendors. Regrettably, most aren’t turning that data into sales opportunities.

The main hurdle? Having an easy way to translate the data into action steps lead to more sales and better customer experiences.

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white cup bi business intelligence for wholesale distribution

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Revenue Intelligence and Analytics is Easier with White Cup BI

For more than 20 years, White Cup BI has been providing the business intelligence solution distributors need to harness the power of their data. The result is better-informed decision-making on sales activity, more relevant customer interactions, and reporting that takes minutes, not hours.

White Cup BI for wholesale distribution is a business intelligence and reporting software that seamlessly integrates with your ERP system to quickly distill data. It uncovers more sales opportunities, improves customer communications, and spots customer performance trends giving your team instant insight into customer, supplier, and product performance.

white cup BI business intelligence sales insights

Growing Revenue is Easier when Recognizing Trends

Get easy access to sales information, better customer insights, and improved visibility into your sales and order processes.

  • Have more meaningful customer conversations to address trends specific to their account
  • Trend purchase data that expose sales opportunities and action steps
  • Increase visibility of your sales process to improve sales performance
white cup BI business intelligence data software

Improving Profitability is Easier with a 360-Degree View

White Cup BI is integrated with White Cup CRM combining sales and account activity

  • View open opportunities from White Cup CRM on the White Cup BI dashboard, making it easy to coordinate account activity with sales data
  • Easily drill down into account activity and sales data to prepare for customer meetings
  • Role-based access keeps reps on task while setting sales managers up to effectively coach team members on specific activities
white cup BI business intelligence data

Differentiating Yourself is Easier with Informed Customer Service

Differentiate yourself from the marketplace with highly tailored analysis of customer transactions and behavior.

  • Gain additional sales by recognizing trends in customer buying history
  • Take better care of your customers with a thorough analysis of billing cycles and quoting
  • Data-driven analytics help you make smart decisions that exceed customer expectations
white cup BI business intelligence software

Enabling your Team is Easier when Software is User-friendly

Increase ROI and better team communications with simple applications designed to improve efficiencies.

  • Give sales teams a complete 360-degree view of a customer’s transaction history
  • Gain access to valuable information by providing your employees with customizable dashboards and scorecards
  • Keep your sales team agile in the field with full access to all White Cup BI data from their smartphone or tablet.

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Vintage Wine Distributor

After nearly 50 years in business, Vintage Wine Distributor has honed in on exactly what it means to blend data-driven sales and personal relationships. President Casey Forbes explains how White Cup’s MITS BI software became an integral tool that allows his business to move beyond a spreadsheet and take actionable steps to grow into the future.

Casey Forbes, Vintage Wine Distributor, President
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