White Cup BI

Turn Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

Distribution-specific reports, dashboards and scorecards empower you to make informed decisions and tap into your next opportunity.

White Cup BI for Distributors Product Sheet

white cup bi business intelligence for wholesale distribution

Get a Clear, Comprehensive View of Your Business With White Cup BI

With more than 25 years of distribution industry expertise, White Cup BI is tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Distributors are equipped to win more deals, customer loyalty and market share with clear insights into their best opportunities and the tools to act on them.

White Cup BI

Shift Your Sales Team from Reactive to Proactive

Intuitive visualization allows sales to spot trends and take swift action. Reduce time spent digging through data so your reps can focus on what they do best: selling.

  • See all your customer, product, and sales data in a single place, so sellers can quickly identify and act on untapped opportunities.
  • Use real-time insights on rep performance and team trends to drive more meaningful coaching conversations. 
  • Redirect team members away from busy work and toward higher-productivity activities.
White Cup CRM and BI

Give Every Team Member Access to Insights They Need

Easy, immediate access to data means your team can take quick action without having to request the information they need from other departments. 

  • Enable every team member to create their own comprehensive reports independently.
  • Free up your IT and data analysts’ time by eliminating constant, ad-hoc reporting requests.
  • Unify data from disparate sources with 40+ distribution-specific dashboards and 1100+ ready-made reports.

Turn Browsing into Buying with a CRM eCommerce Integration

Seize every sales opportunity by following up with customers who make an online purchase or leave your website without checking out. White Cup CRM + BI integrates with your eCommerce platform so you can:
  • Follow up with customers based on online activity
  • Send targeted email campaigns to increase order value
  • Optimize operations and planning with more accurate sales and inventory data
White Cup Pricing in BI business intelligence

Seamlessly Integrate With White Cup CRM

Improve sales effectiveness and increase conversion by 2X with industry-specific customer relationship management backed by the power of data.

  • Leverage the power of White Cup BI + CRM as a central hub that details the customer and product information you need.
  • Make smarter decisions with easy access to your data and the ability to quickly drill down as needed. 
  • Improve collaboration across your entire business with a unified platform that drives distribution forward. 

Distributors Trust White Cup

Wine Distributor Advances With Data-Driven Sales

After nearly 50 years in business, this wine distributor honed in on exactly what it means to blend data-driven sales with personal relationships.

  • Expose sales opportunities through increased communication and visibility of customer data metrics.
  • Improve margins by identifying trends in expenses, sales and profitability of product lines.
  • Respond more quickly to insights into customer buying trends, billing cycles and quoting.
  • Provide customizable, role-specific dashboards and analytics for your team.

“What a BI tool like White Cup BI does for us—it organizes the data into information, and by organizing that information, it becomes knowledge, and by having knowledge, we can make decisions.”

– President, Wine Distributor

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Wine Distributor Advances with Data-Driven Sales

Connect Your Existing Systems With White Cup BI

Get a 360-degree View of Your Business and Customers

Unravel complex data with a single tool built for all of your distribution-specific reporting and data visualization needs.
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