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Easily Outsource Your White Cup Product Service Needs

We can help your team with your White Cup products on an as-needed basis. Even better, we can be your team. Outsource all your day-to-day administrative responsibilities with our Managed Services.

Managed Services for Ongoing, Stress-Free Support

Worry not and enjoy a team of dedicated experts to manage your White Cup software on an ongoing basis. Our specialized services are designed to help you meet your business goals. And our team will keep you on the cutting edge of White Cup products, so you obtain the highest ROI.

Available for all products – read detailed offering:

White Cup CRM+BI Managed Services

White Cup BI Managed Services

TDF CRM Managed Services

Sherpa CRM Managed Services

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One-Time Project Services by Product

White Cup CRM

Workflow: We’ll automate just about any task to optimize your lead and sales process.

Marketing Campaign: You don’t need a marketer – we’ll set up web lead capture forms, landing pages, email, campaigns and newsletters.

Quote Templates: Need a custom quote template designed? Just send us a PDF, picture or existing quote from your ERP and we’ll do it for you.

Training: Do you need a refresher training or maybe you have a new user? We’ll train your team so you get the most out of your products.

White Cup BI

Custom Cube: You pick the data sources (e.g., adjustments, transfers), and we’ll build the cube.

Add Content to Existing Cube: Let us update that cube so you can see the data exactly how you need it.

Migrating MITS Reports: Do you need to migrate information from an old to a new platform? We can help you with that.

Upgrade: Are you on the most recent version of White Cup BI? Don’t miss out on new features. We’ll upgrade you.

Training: Do you need a refresher training or maybe you have a new user? We’ll train your team so you get the most out of your products.

Sherpa CRM

Data Clean-up: Sherpa data can get cluttered and dirty. We’ll help clean it.

Database Merge: Have you recently merged with another company that uses Sherpa? We’ll help merge your two Sherpa instances into one.

Cloud Migration: No need to maintain your own on-prem SQL server. We’ll help migrate your Sherpa instance to the cloud.

And More: We’ll help with item pricing loads, sales proposal automations, etc. Let us know what you have in mind.


Upgrade: Get the most out of your TDF CRM with the latest features. We’ll upgrade you to the latest version.

System Review: We’ll do a comprehensive analysis on how you use TDF CRM. Tap into unused capabilities to improved processes, automation, usage and adoption. Maximize your ROI.

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