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White Cup is Revenue Intelligence

Revenue intelligence is the driving force behind improving revenue performance. It’s the process of centralizing business data to uncover insights, taking action on those insights, then measuring results. The revenue intelligence loop has four main components: Capture Data, Discover Insights, Act, and Measure.

White Cup revenue intelligence ties all aspects of business data together. The result is the most comprehensive and actionable view of opportunities that lead to more sales and continued growth. Continual improvement in the sales process can create growth, even in challenging markets.

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Industry-Specific BI and CRM

Our analytics and workflows are pre-built for each role in your organization, so you can increase your profitability and productivity by leveraging powerful information already in your business system.

BI and CRM for Distributors

Our 20+ year of experience in the distribution industry empowers us to address unique distributor challenges, like slim margin and challenging competitive landscapes.

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White Cup BI and CRM for Distributors

BI and CRM for Office Technology

Our 20+ year of experience in the office technology industry, we built our products to help dealers win in this evolving and challenging market.

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Vintage Wine Distributor

After nearly 50 years in business, Vintage Wine Distributor has honed in on exactly what it means to blend data-driven sales and personal relationships. President Casey Forbes explains how White Cup’s MITS BI software became an integral tool that allows his business to move beyond a spreadsheet and take actionable steps to grow into the future.

Casey Forbes, Vintage Wine Distributor, President
White Cup Customer Journey

The White Cup Customer Journey

When you become a White Cup customer, our team of industry experts partners with you to ensure success every step of the way.

  • Guided process for an easy implementation
  • Training to drive adoption
  • Ongoing support to deliver value
Customer Journey

Integrate Your Technology

Get a 360° view of your customer by integrating our CRM and BI tools with your ERP, marketing automation platform and more. White Cup integrates with industry-specific technology platforms, so sales reps can easily access the data they need to win in real time.

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Read, watch, and learn ways your business can grow with revenue intelligence tools.

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With our industry-specific CRM and BI tools, making smart decisions from your data has never been easier.
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