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Revenue Intelligence Software for Wholesale Distribution

Distributors win when their data, analytics and workflows are connected and laser-focused on driving revenue. That’s Revenue Intelligence. That’s White Cup.

For more than 20 years White Cup has been making it easier for distributors to tackle their biggest challenges; grow revenue, improve profits, and provide superior customer experiences. See how White Cup CRM, BI, and Pricing software can help you achieve your business goals.

Customer Story: Hartfiel Automation Forges Sales Operations with CRM and BI

The combination of CRM and BI gives Hartfiel a wide range of reporting. Real-time snapshots of open opportunities and salesperson score cards ensure timely execution and coaching. Outside sales managers review branch sales reports on a once-a-week or daily basis. Additional reports identify key opportunities and threats for more effective time management and prioritization.

“This CRM really helps our sales team to manage their time better and organize their week. It’s really easy to fly around the CRM on the web, and our sales team also uses the mobile app to look up contacts and other specifics when out in the field.”

– Vanessa Bray
Executive Assistant and Sales Administrator, Hartfiel Automation

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Hartfiel Automation Sales Operations Customer Story

Software Solutions That Drive Revenue for Distributors

For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing integrated solutions that make it easier to grow sales from new and existing customers.

White Cup CRM

White Cup CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of wholesale distributors in a format that’s easy to use and laser-focused on helping distributors drive revenue.

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MITS BI - Business Intelligence

MITS BI by White Cup has been providing the business intelligence solution distributors need to harness the power of their data. The result is better-informed decision-making on sales activity, more relevant customer interactions, and reporting that takes minutes, not hours.

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White Cup Pricing

White Cup Pricing optimization gives you the tools and methodology to drive value through consistent profitable growth. With White Cup Pricing, complex customer and product segmentation and pricing analysis that used to take weeks now take minutes.

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Revenue Intelligence, Driving Distribution Forward

Revenue Intelligence software for distribution is White Cup’s ERP integrated platform of software solutions that makes all aspects of growing revenue easier for your entire team.

  • Continually improve revenue, profit, margin, and performance
  • Accelerate sales cycles with integrated solutions and automated workflows
  • Identify and act on trends to sell more to new and existing customers

When your CRM, BI, and Pricing software are integrated, sharing information across teams to improve the selling process, which, in turn, helps grow revenue. All of which clear the way for teams to focus on delivering positive customer experiences.

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Your Revenue Driving Engine

With our industry-specific revenue intelligence tools, making smart decisions from your data has never been easier.
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