White Cup CRM vs. Salesforce

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White Cup CRM vs. Salesforce

White Cup CRM + BI transforms data from your ERP and eCommerce platforms into actionable insights. And with distribution-specific workflows and reports, your reps can manage tasks, prepare for meetings, and automate follow-up faster.

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Many distributors make a significant investment in Salesforce and spend thousands more customizing it only to realize it’s still too complicated to use and is missing essential elements.


White Cup CRM + BI is already configured with the features, integrations, and workflows distributors need so your team starts winning more on day one.

White Cup CRM + BI
Built for distributors
ERP integration included with standard offering
Contextual business insights
Requires third-party or custom solutions
Contextual business insights
Simple navigation
eCommerce integration
Requires third-party or custom solutions
Add team members at no extra cost
Marketing automation
Higher-tier feature
Built-in quoting tool, integrated with ERP
Additional cost
Customer support
Full-service support included
Support varies based on tier

Seamless ERP Integration

Without ERP integration, a CRM for distributors is just a glorified Rolodex. To truly power your outside sales team, your CRM must do more than manage contacts. By integrating with your ERP, White Cup transforms your CRM into an indispensable sales engine.

It converts customers’ past purchasing data into actionable insights and opportunities, and feeds sales-led purchase information back to your ERP.

This ensures seamless alignment between sales and operations, eliminating data silos and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to basic contact management and hello to a unified, powerful sales tool with White Cup.

  • Full Transparency For All Customer-
Facing Teams

    Manage relationships, orders, and inventory with all your customer and product data in one place, ensuring seamless operations.

  • Faster Quoting

    Close deals faster with a quoting tool built directly into your CRM that integrates seamlessly with your ERP. Automatically generate quotes with accurate product details and pricing information. Effortlessly push purchase data back into your ERP when the customer accepts, ensuring smooth and efficient sales processes.

  • Actionable Insights + AI-Powered Recommendations

    Analyze product and purchasing trends with built-in BI and eCommerce integration. Use AI to recommend related products and the best times to reach out based on customer purchasing history.

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Stop Paying Extra for the Essentials

Unlike Salesforce, which charges by seat and charges extra for key features, White Cup comes with unlimited seats for one, all-inclusive subscription price.

Comprehensive Features

White Cup CRM + BI includes all the features you’d expect in a CRM, like email marketing, business intelligence, and customer support ticketing without additional charges.

Transparent Pricing

Pay one flat fee with White Cup CRM, minimizing costs for your organization and helping you achieve faster returns.

Distribution-Specific Intelligence

Access all the analytics and reporting you need with distribution-specific business intelligence built right into the CRM, empowering your team to make 
data-driven decisions.

See Why These Customers Chose White Cup CRM vs. Salesforce

Success Story

Clayton Controls Simplifies Sales Forecasting

Using a CRM that integrates natively with their ERP, Epicor P21, Clayton Controls can easily see their sales performance last year and what opportunities they have in the pipeline. When a quote closes, the team can see it in White Cup CRM along with the full history of the interaction.

Success Story

LEPCO Centralizes Insights With White Cup CRM + BI

Lawn Equipment Parts Company (LEPCO) found a single source of truth for customer and product data with White Cup CRM. Because the CRM integrates natively with LEPCO’s ERP and includes business intelligence, they can easily see sales performance and other KPIs.

Success Story

Callico Distributors Saves on Custom Integration Costs

Salesforce was expensive for Callico Distributors, and the company “probably used 4% of the functionality,” said Cole Callahan, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. It also didn’t integrate with their ERP and would have required at least $60,000 for a custom-developed solution.

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Achieve Quicker Wins with White Cup CRM + BI

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main differences between White Cup CRM + BI and Salesforce?

    White Cup CRM is built specifically for the distribution industry with out-of-the-box functionality, while Salesforce is a general-purpose CRM that often requires extensive customization and setup.

  • How does the pricing of White Cup CRM compare to Salesforce?

    White Cup CRM + BI offers transparent, all-inclusive pricing with no per-seat charges, while Salesforce can become expensive due to per-user licensing and additional costs for essential features​.

  • Why is White Cup CRM easier to implement than Salesforce?

    White Cup’s expertise in distribution and distribution ERPs – like Epicor,Infor, DDI, Microsoft Dynamics, among many others – means its team understands how to make customer, product, and purchasing data from the ERP most useful to CRM users to drive meaningful action and growth.

  • How does business intelligence in White Cup CRM compare to Salesforce?

    White Cup CRM + BI includes built-in business intelligence specific to distribution, such as customer scorecards and purchasing trends, without the need for additional costs or custom development​. 

  • How do automation features in White Cup CRM compare to those in Salesforce?

    White Cup CRM + BI offers easy-to-use automation for sales processes like sending automated quote follow-ups and re-order prompts, while Salesforce’s automation tools can be more complex and often require higher pricing tiers​.

  • How does White Cup CRM +BI customer support compare to Salesforce support?

    While Salesforce charges extra for different levels of support that should be standard, White Cup CRM + BI offers dedicated support through multiple channels, including phone, live chat and our support portal — all without additional costs. 

  • Which CRM is better suited for a growing distribution business?

    White Cup CRM + BI is specifically designed for the distribution industry and scales effortlessly with your business. Our solution is used by customers managing sales from less than $5M to over $200M annually. Our CRM is highly configurable and doesn’t require extensive customization, allowing it to grow with you without becoming a complex, unmanageable system.

    You won’t end up with a customized mess of fields and workflows that only make sense for your business right now. We adopt a crawl-walk-run approach, ensuring your super users, such as sales reps, get the most value from the CRM first. As your needs evolve, you can expand CRM usage to other functions like marketing and customer service management. The functionality is ready when you are, and it’s all included in your flat-fee subscription.

  • What’s involved in migrating from Salesforce to White Cup CRM?

    Migrating from Salesforce to White Cup CRM + BI is a smooth and straightforward process, designed to minimize disruption and maximize accuracy. Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Expert Guidance: Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your current data structures and workflows in Salesforce. This ensures we capture all the information you want to import accurately.
    2. Data Assessment and Planning: We’ll start with a comprehensive assessment of your Salesforce data, mapping out how it will transition to White Cup CRM. 
    3. Seamless Data Migration: Our team of experts will transfer your data to White Cup CRM. Our extensive experience managing complex data migrations ensures your data is moved accurately and securely.
    4. Configuration and Setup: Once your data is migrated, we’ll configure White Cup CRM to mirror your existing workflows while optimizing for better efficiency and usability. This tailored setup ensures your team can hit the ground running.
    5. Cutover Date: We’ll establish a cutover date, which will be the final date your team uses Salesforce before fully transitioning to White Cup CRM. This ensures a clear and smooth transition, with minimal downtime.
    6. Training and Support: We provide comprehensive training to your team, ensuring they are comfortable and proficient with the new system. Our support team is always available to assist with any questions or issues that arise during and after the migration.
    7. Ongoing Optimization: Post-migration, we’ll continue to work with you to refine and optimize your use of White Cup CRM, ensuring you get the most out of the system as your business grows.

    With White Cup CRM, you can be confident that the migration process is handled by experts who understand the nuances of your data and business, and are committed to a seamless transition.