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For over 20 years, Sherpa CRM has been one of the premier sales management platforms for the copy and print industry. White Cup enables the office technology industry to easily access information to manage relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Sherpa CRM provides powerful revenue intelligence that helps marketing and sales teams drive growth, increase profitability, differentiate your business, and improve team performance.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is easier with Sherpa CRM

Leveraging customer information and sales insights are an integral part of any business-to-business organization. With Sherpa CRM, you can effortlessly track accounts, manage forecasts, and create daily reports. Being able to quickly view customer history, buying trends and activity provides valuable insights to communication actions. Identify customer trends in their transaction history can open opportunities to increase sales, offer special discount programs or head off potential issues before they rise to the level of concern.

White Cup Office Tech Sherpa CRM Growing Revenue

Growing Revenue is Easier when Identifying Opportunities

Receive easy access to sales information, with visibility into the sales and order processes and insight into customer relationships.

  • Increase visibility of the sales process and expose new sales opportunities
  • Gather customer transaction information in a faster, more efficient manner to identify best and worst performing customers
  • Track trending customer data easily to make decisions on product sales opportunities
White Cup Office Tech Sherpa CRM improving profitability

Improving profitability is Easier when Workflows are Efficient

Sherpa CRM allows you to streamline your workflow, eliminating time consuming tasks, allowing time for more revenue-focused activities.

  • Shorten the sales cycle by moving current customers into new solutions faster
  • Improve pricing and quoting process for faster sales
  • Improve retention by identifying customers that warrant discount pricing
White Cup Office Tech Sherpa CRM differentiating your business

Differentiating your business is easier when Improving Customer Relationships

Stay one step ahead of the competition by improving the quality of customer relationships. Sherpa CRM offers timesaving solutions to maximize time spent with your customers.

  • Recommend better, more profitable solutions faster
  • Provide better care for your customers with a thorough equipment analysis
  • Manage customer expectations with a transparent order and delivery process visible to your sales team
White Cup Office Tech Sherpa CRM empowering your sales team

Empowering your sales team is easier with Sherpa CRM

Save time and increase productivity by offering sales teams a complete view of their customers, including lease and transaction details, as well as service and meter history.

  • Offer sales teams a complete view of a customer’s lease and transaction history
  • Easily filter marketing lists and create sales action items tasks
  • Gain access to service history, meter history, contract information and service contract information with interface to your ERP
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James Imaging Systems

James Imaging Systems is just one of many companies using Sherpa CRM that have benefitted from the ease of marketing integration. CRM and marketing automation helps your business focus on creating better customer and prospect experiences.

“It’s all about the appropriate message to the appropriate decision-maker.”

Dominic Pontrelli, President, Pontrelli Marketing
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Sherpa CRM James Imaging Case Study

Integrate Your Technology

Get a 360° view of your customer by integrating our CRM, BI, and pricing software with your ERP, marketing automation platform, and more. White Cup integrates with industry-specific technology platforms, so sales reps can easily access the data they need to win in real-time.

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Sherpa CRM offers timesaving solutions to maximize time spent with your customers.
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