How To Get a More Valuable Customer Scorecard in Seconds

Customer scorecards are an essential tool for any distribution sales team looking to maximize customer engagement and drive more revenue. A customer scorecard, a collection of metrics that provide an overview of the success and engagement levels of customers, can track sales performance over time, monitor profit margins, and identify trends in customer purchasing behavior. In turn, this enables distributors to gain insights into their customers and create targeted strategies for improving those relationships.

Using a customer scorecard system can be the Swiss Army knife that helps distributors:

  • Identify potential opportunities for upselling or cross-selling
  • Follow-up on open quotes to close more deals, analyze which quotes are converting, and refine quoting strategy
  • Improve inventory management, streamline fulfillment processes, and enhance customer service by reducing late orders.
  • Identify seasonal trends, plan inventory purchases, and tailor marketing campaigns to high-performing product groups.
  • Focus efforts on high-value customers, tailor service levels, and develop targeted customer retention strategies.

Customer data plays an important role in measuring success. By leveraging performance management systems and metrics, distributors gain access to instant customer insights and identify potential opportunities to increase sales. This is where a CRM with built-in BI functionality comes in – this powerful combination allows you to get a comprehensive view of your insights and spring into action when it matters most.



Get a 360-Degree View of Accounts With a Customer Scorecard

Not all customer relationship management tools are alike. Your ERP, for example, may include CRM functionalities but lack a user-friendly view where every member of your team can get a clear look into recent activity, top products, and total sales for each account. Dozens of contacts may be associated with these accounts as well, which can lead to IT departments getting bogged down with data requests.

If you’re using a CRM that doesn’t include native business intelligence functionality, you may need additional tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, to visualize details like total sales and top products. Older CRMs and ERP add-ons might not be mobile-friendly or cater to team-wide usage. CRM options like HubSpot or Salesforce will require considerable customization to sync with ERPs, typically involving consultants and months of setup and refinement.

The best way to derive value from your interactions and account activity is out-of-the-box, ready-made scorecard functionality built for distributors and accessible right from your CRM. While it’s incredibly valuable to be able to see sales history, open quotes, orders, product analysis, customer profitability, and more in one clear and complete view, drilling down the details of specific customers is what will offer immediate value.

Each customer scorecard will offer a full view of what’s going on with each individual account. The ability to view sales by product group will give you a clear visual of spikes and lulls in your customer’s purchasing habits, which can then be used to have more informed conversations—and plan for upcoming promotions or marketing campaigns. For example, if the product is booming around the end of the year, it could be the result of a holiday promotion or your customer’s need to stock up before the new year begins.

Your customer scorecard will also indicate how profitable your customers are. The best way to derive value from this information is by drilling down by product or product group for more specific, actionable insights. The merging of customer activities—like overdue balances, purchasing behaviors, or open orders—with product details—such as high and low-selling products, new items, and most popular products—keeps reps armed and ready to have better interactions with each account.


a customer success scorecard available to sales reps in White Cup CRM


Crush Sales Goals With Each Customer Success Scorecard 

Your scorecard can serve as a cheat sheet to reference any time you take action on an account. Within White Cup CRM, for example, you can switch back to an individual account record after reviewing its scorecard and give that customer a call or send an email, knowing you have all their activity and your product details at your fingertips. You’re well-versed in their prior interactions without the time-consuming task of digging into every email or invoice for the small customer engagement metrics and details you need.

Customer scorecards offer quick, valuable insights that improve profitability and revenue through:

  • Better sales conversations informed by real-time insights and behaviors
  • More successful marketing campaigns derived from customer data and purchasing trends
  • Insights into product group performance for upselling, promoting, or sunsetting items
  • Refining your sales strategies and training with a clear understanding of your customer’s needs

Win More Deals With White Cup CRM

White Cup CRM, powered by BI, delivers intuitive and tailor-made customer scorecards that help distributors have more productive conversations and close more deals. Get in touch with us to unlock the power of your customer data.