ecommerce and crm for sales

Empowering Your Sales Conversations With eCommerce and CRM Data

What Are the Advantages of eCommerce and CRM Integration?

How much more revenue could your team capture if they had deeper, more meaningful insights into your customers’ online purchasing behavior? What challenges could your reps solve proactively, deepening trust between your distribution company and customers?

If you’ve been wondering about this, then it’s time to invest in a CRM that integrates with your eCommerce platform,  closing the gap between your online and offline sales and marketing processes. This strategic move will give your sales team the customer insights they need to enhance outreach, drive more revenue, and create or build upon a stellar customer experience.

Real-time Engagement Strategies: eCommerce Data to Spark the Right Conversations

Your customers’ online purchasing behavior is a critical window into where they’re at in their buying journey. Integrating eCommerce and CRM customer data offers sales and marketing teams a clear view into these behaviors so that they can take action in real-time. From items a customer has added to their cart to their recent purchases or abandoned carts, all of these customer actions can be made visible for the sales rep to follow up with via phone or email.

White Cup’s eCommerce CRM solution logs all of these customer actions in their contact history. The integration allows distributors to automate workflows to trigger tasks, emails, or calls so that the sales rep can spark the right conversation with the customer at the right time, leveraging real-time information.



Here are a few examples of how integrating your eCommerce & CRM system can enhance sales conversations:

Product Recommendations

In an era of tremendous online buying, the sales rep’s role must adapt to a more consultative approach. By tapping into eCommerce activity directly within their CRM, your sales reps can use customers’ past purchases to identify opportunities to cross-sell or upsell related products and upgrades — increasing your average order value.

For example, suppose a sales rep notices that a customer frequently purchases a particular type of product from your online store, or shows interest in certain categories online. Having access to this information directly on the customer’s account record in White Cup CRM and within the Customer Scorecard in White Cup BI enables the rep to use this information to recommend similar or complementary products during their next conversation.

Personalized Offers

eCommerce is more than a revenue generator; it’s a tool for understanding a customer’s behavior, needs, and interests. Sales reps can use these insights to tailor offers to match the customer’s preferences.

If a rep sees that a customer is searching for a specific type of product on your online store (but never completes the transaction) the rep can follow up with a personalized promotional discount to incentivize the customer to complete that purchase.

This makes the customer feel like your reps understand them, and what you give away as a discount pays for itself in deal cycle time —  it took your rep almost zero time to close the deal since the customer was already primed to buy.

Addressing Pain Points

The key to any customer relationship is knowing their pain points and being able to address them. Sales reps can use insights into customer behavior from their CRM to tailor their outreach by addressing specific concerns and offering solutions to meet customers’ needs. Every action becomes another opportunity to foster customer relationship management and satisfaction.

Building Trust and Rapport

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: you’ve recently made a sizable online order with a distributor, and then a sales rep from that same company reaches out a few days later without acknowledging that large order – in fact, they reach out with a totally unrelated product. It’s clear from the conversation that the rep isn’t aware of the order you’ve just placed, let alone how satisfied you are with that product or your experience with the company overall. How likely would you be to continue doing business with that distributor?

This is why an eCommerce integration is crucial: When your sales reps have access to a customer’s full purchasing history – regardless of which channels were used to complete those purchases – they’re more prepared for customer conversations. Referencing a customer’s previous interactions or purchases online demonstrates that the sales rep has taken the time to understand their needs and preferences. Ultimately, this builds greater trust and rapport with the customer, making them feel seen and understood and, therefore, more receptive to sales conversations in the future.

Workflows: Automated Sales Boosters

While implementing these recommendations allows your reps to take a more proactive approach to sales, automation takes your proactive outreach to the next level.  Once you’ve integrated your customers’ online purchasing history with White Cup CRM + BI, you can then use workflows to create and deploy tasks and personalized emails automatically, based on that history. 

Whether that’s sending a well-timed personalized thank-you from the account owner a couple of days after a customer completes a transaction online, or assigning a task to a rep to call a customer immediately after they abandon an online shopping cart, automation allows your sales and marketing teams to engage customers at the right time with the right message, ultimately building stronger relationships and driving revenue.

Boost the Value of Every Customer Interaction with an eCommerce CRM Integration

There are so many ways that eCommerce data can be applied to enhance the customer journey and interactions, drive more revenue, and deepen customer loyalty. It can also be even more powerful when integrated within a CRM solution built for distribution.

White Cup’s eCommerce integration is the first of its kind to make online customer behaviors and purchases visible to distribution sales reps, directly within the CRM they’re using to drive sales strategy every day.

From personalized recommendations to perfectly timed phone calls and marketing campaigns, White Cup’s full eCommerce CRM integration will provide the insights and automation to shift your sales strategy from reactive to proactive.

Transform your customers’ online behavior into profitable sales conversations with White Cup’s best eCommerce CRM software integration. Book your demo today.