Five Questions with Tara Claffye

Five Questions with Tara Claffey

Tara Claffey spent the last decade helping distributors navigate their digital transformation with sales roles at Epicor and, most recently, Salesforce. We sat down for a quick Q&A.

Q: Why did you choose to join the White Cup team?

A: I like that White Cup solutions are ready to start helping distributors right out of the box. At Salesforce, our customers had a lot to navigate just to start to see a return. Between finding the right 3rd party company to help with implementation and all the add-on modules, it took customers a long time to see an ROI. With White Cup’s integrated solutions and our team, we can partner closely with the customer, helping them realize the value of our platform quickly.

Q: Prior to joining Salesforce, you worked as an account manager for Epicor. How do you see that experience benefiting White Cup customers?

A: At Epicor, I had the opportunity to understand distributor’s challenges that impactevery aspect of their business, especially when it came to picking the right ERP. I became a trusted advisor to our customers. I’m excited to share my knowledge with White Cup customers, especially as the industry continues to change from a technological standpoint.

Q: How have you seen the distribution industry change in the last ten years?

A: I think the last decade has seen some of the biggest advances in technology. Automation is key now. Distributors have always run on thin margins and tight staffing. Having built-in, automated workflows for sales teams is making it possible for reps to be more efficient. I’m also seeing a lot of distributors really dig into the BI and understanding the power of having a 360-degree view of their customers. Especially since the pandemic, I think the distributors who are thriving are the ones who are capitalizing on technology to help deliver superior customer service. Customers of distributors have more options than ever before to buy from, so they are looking for a partner in a distributor, not just an order-taker.

Q: How do distributors find success with White Cup?

A: I think the fact that White Cup is already integrated with the industry’s ERPs is an immediate win for distributors. Plus, all three of our products—White Cup CRM, BI and Pricing are integrated with each other. Sure, they can work as standalone solutions, but together—and integrated with the ERP, that’s a major win for distributors. It goes back to my comment about being able to use technology to deliver superior customer service. I think it’s easy for distributors to be drawn to larger companies like Salesforce, but bigger isn’t always better. And it’s certainly not cheaper.

Q: What’s your favorite White Cup product?

A: I’m a salesperson at heart so I have to go with White Cup CRM … it’s the command center to see daily sales activities, plus it’s the gateway to that 360-degree customer view when it’s integrated with White Cup BI and Pricing.

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