White Cup CRM+BI eCommerce Integration

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

How much revenue are you missing because your sales team doesn’t have insight into your customers’ online orders? With White Cup’s eCommerce CRM solution, your team can use online activity to drive more offline sales.

Benefits of eCommerce CRM integration

Integrating your eCommerce platform with your CRM unlocks many opportunities, including the ability to convert more website visitors into paying customers, personalize outreach and promotions, and accurately forecast sales and inventory.

Turn browsing into buying

Supercharge sales with automated tasks to your team to follow up with customers about attempted or completed purchases. White Cup’s eCommerce CRM solution makes customer data from your online store visible and actionable.

An eCommerce integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system gives your team insights to drive more offline sales by following up with customers based on online activity.

Elevate your eCommerce website strategy

Transform your online store from a digital catalog to a dynamic revenue engine with business intelligence from your ERP and CRM. Create segmented lists based on customer behavior to improve conversions, and use marketing automation to accelerate the sales funnel.

Your sales and marketing team can use insights from your eCommerce CRM solution to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

Optimize operations & planning with White Cup BI + eCommerce

Help your team forecast product demand, manage inventory, personalize customer support, and set more accurate sales goals with visibility into customers’ online and offline purchases in White Cup BI.

  • Show each team member the insights and recommended actions most relevant to them
  • Capture all customer interactions within your CRM so you’ll know where every sale stands.

By understanding what percentage of sales are coming from your online store compared to offline and which products are most in demand on your eCommerce website, you can manage operations and inventory more effectively.

CRM eCommerce Integration FAQs

  • Why is White Cup the best eCommerce CRM software?

    White Cup is the first distributor-focused software provider to offer a solution that helps offline sales teams take action based on customers’ online buying behaviors. Through a native integration with White Cup CRM and BI, sales reps can use online activities to capture more opportunities and fuel more meaningful sales conversations.

  • How does eCommerce sales data appear in White Cup CRM and BI?

    Sales reps can see online activity from accounts they’re assigned to directly on the activity feed of their White Cup CRM home page. Online activities — including items added to a cart, purchases, and abandoned carts — are logged as contact history in the CRM.


    Sales and marketing team members can use automated workflows to trigger tasks, emails, or calls to follow up on that online behavior. 


    In White Cup BI, the new eCommerce dashboard includes insights across all customers, including total website visits, top online order customers, top abandoned cart products, top purchased products, and sales broken down by online and offline orders so you can see how each sales channel contributes to your top line over time.


    You can also drill down to specific accounts at the bill-to and ship-to level to see last login date, last online order date, last abandoned cart, and average order value broken down by online compared to offline channels.

  • How does an eCommerce CRM solution improve business intelligence?

    By integrating your eCommerce platform with your CRM, you can compile more comprehensive reports on total sales, top products, and top customers for better sales forecasting and inventory planning. You can also create custom reports to see which marketing campaigns drove the most online sales or see the percentage of online sales compared to offline sales to improve your overall eCommerce strategy.

  • Can I access eCommerce data from the White Cup mobile app?

    White Cup CRM users can automatically assign themselves tasks to follow up with customers who take specific actions online. Mobile app users can see those tasks when they open their app and will see activity history at the contact or account level. They can also send dashboards from White Cup BI to their CRM mobile app.

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