2022 Pricing Planning Guide for Distributors

Achieve Greater Profits in 2022 with Data-Driven Pricing Analysis


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Are your pricing strategies governed by the path of least resistance or the application of best practices? You’ve probably heard that a 1% improvement in price optimization can increase net income by more than 11%. And you know that pricing optimization is easier to achieve than a 1% increase in your sales volume or a 1% reduction of your expenses.

In today’s competitive market, pricing can make or break your business. While intelligent pricing practices have been shown to improve margins by 2 to 4 percent, many distributors don’t understand what levers they can pull internally to offer the right price at the right time to the right customer. Even worse, some are heading down a “dead-end discounting” road to margin erosion.

Inside this FREE Pricing Planning Guide, you will learn about:

  • Customer and Product Segmentation
  • Data-driven Pricing Decisions
  • Pricing Overrides
  • Price Driving Practices
  • Price Analysis

Learn five strategic steps you can take to adopt effective pricing strategies before your competition beats you to the punch.

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