3 Easy Ways Distributors Use Data to Drive Revenue

Using CRM and Business Intelligence to Drive Revenue Growth


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Research has shown companies that deliver great buying experiences grow twice as fast as companies that provide average experiences. But are your data silos preventing sales reps from personalizing their customers’ buying experience or bottlenecking their insights into customer behavior? This webinar cover 3 easy ways distributors use data to drive revenue.

Pulling the customer data you need shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. This webinar is an excellent opportunity to discover how easy it is to add value to every customer conversation, create strong relationships, and drive revenue.

Webinar: 3 Easy Ways Distributors Use Data to Drive Revenue
Presenter: Brian Friedle
Theme: Using CRM and Business Intelligence to drive revenue growth

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Brian Friedle VP Business Development, White Cup

Webinar Outline

In this session, we’ll talk about understanding your customer’s needs better using CRM and Business Intelligence tools. We’ll show you three key ways you can impact your business quickly, including;

  • Embracing data to add value to your customer’s business
  • Evaluating pricing trends to spot areas for improvement
  • Using Business Intelligence to balance inventory demands versus cash flow needs