A Global Leader in Personal Protective Equipment Embraces Business Technology

A Global Leader in Personal Protective Equipment Uses White Cup’s CRM and BI for Improved Insights and Faster Sales Deal Flow

protective industrial products Inc embraces business technology

About the Global Leader in Personal Protective Equipment

This company is a global leader in hand protection and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the industrial and retail channels. The company is a wholesaler and manufacturer with over 30 locations across the globe, selling and training distributors that stock and sell to multiple industries, including many manufactures and construction companies that are listed on the Fortune 500.  One of their divisions supplies PPE to wholesalers and large retailers in the consumer market space.

Altogether, this company is a billion-dollar organization with over 1700 employees and supplies more than 20,000 products to industrial MRO and construction distributors as well as major retailers and e-tailers around the world.

They’re proud to have deployed new digital commerce technology to help automate customer order processing before the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed unprecedented demand for safety products and changed the landscape of business. Today they make use of multiple digital order entry tools and also offer a convenient online ordering system through their portal, where their distributors can place orders and also check order status 24/7.

Modernizing the Sales Rep Notebook

Over the years, this global leader in personal protective equipment has grown organically as well as through several acquisitions. Since these acquired companies have had different systems for managing accounts, they have leveraged their Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as the cornerstones of convergence to unite the organization and sales and marketing efforts.

The company has also successfully embraced digital transformation, blending eCommerce, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, product information management, marketing automation, and other technology applications to support next-gen sales strategies and better understand customer needs.

They use White Cup’s CRM and BI, an integrated CRM that works seamlessly with existing ERP platforms. White Cup’s CRM empowers sales teams to identify opportunities within existing customer accounts, provide key sales data, and support a better customer experience. The 360-degree view of customer buying trends and history allows for more meaningful, customized sales conversations providing exceptional customer service.

“We wanted to continue to modernize the sales representatives’ notebook by adding a digital account management approach that puts all information at their fingertips,” said the Vice President of Sales.

Like many companies, they’ve deployed a CRM system to modernize its sales team. It’s taking its team from using paper notebooks to online electronic databases to manage customer accounts. “We’ve taken CRM beyond that,”  the Vice President of Sales says. “We use CRM now as a tool to help gain insights into our business, uncover opportunities faster.”

They’re CRM application is integrated with the White Cup BI business intelligence tool. The solution enables companies to gain easier access to revenue intelligence information that drives growth and business differentiation and increases revenue and employee engagement.

Doubling Conversions, Closing Deals Up to 75% Faster

This global leader in personal protective equipment views White Cup’s CRM and BI as indispensable account management tools, helping its sales reps gain insights and uncover opportunities to sell faster. “Empowered with this technology, our salesforce is no longer”just selling products”; they are now purveyors of valuable insights to enable its distributor customers to sell more,” said the Vice President of Sales.

“The White Cup BI tool has given us unique insights into our business, which allows us to ask better questions, make better decisions, and work faster for our customers – and in many cases, tell them things about their business they didn’t know. That helps us be a strategic partner to our distributors.”

“Using White Cup’s CRM and BI, we’re making better decisions and experiencing faster deal flow, with better sales revenue results. With White Cup’s CRM and BI, our sales reps are up to 2x more effective in converting customer meetings into opportunities and are now closing deals 75% faster,” she added.

White Cup makes it easier for businesses to use their data to make better decisions toward profitable growth. Our Revenue Intelligence platform gives customers easy access to information and tools that drive revenue growth, increase profitability and differentiate their business. With decades of industry experience, White Cup is trusted by over 1,000 customers.

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