Alloy Fasteners: White Cup distribution-focused business intelligence solution drives data-driven sales

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“As an IT Manager, I highly recommend White Cup as a vendor. Our experience with them has been nothing short of positive. White Cup has proven to be a trusted and well-informed vendor, providing us with the necessary information and support to make informed decisions. They have a wide range of products and services that cater to our IT needs, and their customer service is exceptional. We appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that we receive the best possible solutions for our IT infrastructure. Overall, White Cup is a reliable and professional vendor that I would highly recommend to any IT Manager.”

-Frank Ferretti
IT Manager of Alloy Fasteners

White Cup BI powers smart decision-making across the company.

Frank Ferretti, IT Manager with Alloy Fasteners, was searching for a comprehensive and reliable solution to improve the company’s sales and customer data. After evaluating several vendors, he decided to partner with White Cup, primarily due to their distribution-specific dashboards, pre-built reports and easy-to-use features. White Cup’s platform has become an essential part of the company’s daily operations.

Since implementing White Cup, Frank has noticed several key benefits, including time savings and the availability of accurate information. The ability to share reports that suite Alloy’s unique needs has been instrumental in optimizing operations across the organization. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface ensures that employees can easily access and utilize the data provided by White Cup to make informed decisions.

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Frank is highly satisfied with the level of support and professionalism offered by White Cup as a vendor. White Cup’s exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to providing the best possible solutions have made them a valuable part of his company’s IT department.

In addition to the practical benefits of White Cup’s platform, Frank appreciates White Cup’s dedication to helping Alloy succeed. White Cup’s expertise in the wholesale distribution industry and ability to provide relevant insights have contributed to the company’s growth and profitability. As a result, Frank is confident in recommending White Cup to other businesses, especially those in need of a reliable and professional vendor that can cater to their IT needs.

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In conclusion, by choosing White Cup and leveraging their industry-specific solutions, Alloy’s business has experienced significant improvements in efficiency, data accuracy, and overall revenue generation. The user-friendly and customizable platform, combined with White Cup’s exceptional customer service and industry expertise, has made them an invaluable partner for Frank and his company.

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Four Questions with Frank Ferretti, IT Manager

Would you recommend White Cup to other businesses? If so, why?
Yes, they are a valuable part of our IT department.

What benefits have you seen since implementing White Cup in your business?
Time-saving and accurate information really helps us.

What features of White Cup have been most valuable to your business?
Customization and ease of use.

What were the key factors that led you to select White Cup over other sales solutions?
Their dashboard reporting and customization features have become our daily bread. Various departments use the data provided by White Cup.



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