Maximizing eCommerce ROI - Connecting Sales Channels for Data-Driven Growth

On-Demand Webinar

eCommerce is more than just a revenue driver — it’s also a tool to better understand how your customers think, act and purchase. Online activity, such as logins, page views, adding items to cart and abandoning carts all can provide crucial insights into customer behavior, preferences and potential pain points.

Distributors that leverage this data to inform their sales and marketing efforts will gain an advantage in the market. By bringing together online and offline data and actions, distributors gain a more holistic understanding of their customers and use these insights to improve customer retention and satisfaction.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an eCommerce strategy that drives ROI and growth
  • Extract valuable insights from customer behavior data 
  • Spot trends within your sales data for smarter decision-making
  • Connect eCommerce behavior with broader sales outcomes 

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Kristen Thom Vice President of Product at White Cup
Mike Hockett Executive Editor at Modern Distribution Management (MDM)