Dot It Restaurant Specialty Distributors

See how Dot It restaurant specialty distributors and branded printed products manufacturer used White Cup BI to change their sales strategy.

Dot It is a single-source brand partner specializing in food safety products and print fulfillment solutions, including sourcing, printing, kitting, order processing, warehousing, and distribution for growing brands looking to streamline the supply chain and maintain brand consistency.

Dot It Restaurant Specialty Distributors

Dot It Restaurant Fulfillment is a specialized restaurant distributor headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Founded in 1984, Dot It’s mission is to make restaurant life easy for restaurant owners and franchise operators. Dot It sources, stocks, packs, and ships all of a restaurant’s branded products and restaurant supplies that do not fit into mainline distribution.

When their selling strategy was struggling, and they didn’t have the data to make accurate decisions, they turned to White Cup for a solution. Dot It has been a long-time user of White Cup BI – business intelligence software. Watch this testimonial interview with Dot It CEO, Gary Cooper, to learn how they are using BI reporting and dashboards to pull vital sales data to quickly make decisions on products and customers.

Take Away:

– Insights showed they were selling a lot of products, but not making any money on them.
– They switched their selling strategy to margin contribution instead of sales contribution.
– Reps can see accounts that they thought were good accounts – were actually not.
– Data gave the reps a reason to reach out to other customers to talk about SKUs and show the customer the decline in purchasing. This gave them a new opportunity to get more business.

Dot It Restaurant Specialty Distributors has put into play some winning strategies that have proved to be revenue builders. They have weathered recent economic uncertainties and even doubled their leasing space. The data provided by White Cup business intelligence software has been an eye-opener for Dot It and has created overwhelming sales opportunities.

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