Drive Greater Profitability Through Customer Analysis

Realizing the ROI of Customer Segmentation

White Paper:

Most distributors are wired for dealmaking. Customer analysis and segmentation realign the focus on making the best deals – those that are the most profitable with the highest ROI.

Digging deep into customer analysis and segmentation is key to unlocking new levels of profitability. By analyzing and segmenting your customers, you can make effective pricing choices for each group to ensure you are pricing each customer according to their characteristics. When your segmentation and pricing are based on real data, your organization is focused on dealmaking that drives optimal profitability.

Topics Inside:

  • Segmentation by Customer Group
  • Segmentation by Cost to Serve
  • Meeting the Pricing Imperative
  • Data-Driven Customer Analysis

Complex customer and product segmentation and pricing analysis that used to take weeks now takes minutes with the right tools.

Download Drive Greater Profitability Through Customer Analysis to learn how you as a distributor can use revenue intelligence technology to apply the right pricing to every customer to drive the maximum return on investment.

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