Game-Changing Competitive Pricing Strategy

Profit Playbook: 3 Plays to Increase Revenue

Just as a football team must formulate strategies or plays to advance their position on the field to put numbers on the board and prevent the other team from scoring, distributors need a strategic pricing playbook with a host of “profit plays.” The new year is fast approaching, and you can be sure your competition will be aggressive with their competitive pricing strategy.

Pricing is powerful stuff for distributors. For example, a 1% improvement in price optimization improves your top line and yields an 11% increase in your bottom line.

Key Insights

Leading distributors are outperforming laggards by having a strategic profit playbook. These organizations know precisely the right price for every customer buying a particular product at any point in time.

  • Price drives 3X to 4X more profit than sales volume.
  • A 1% improvement in price translates into an 11.1% improvement in operating profit.
  • 60% of distributors are looking at adding price optimization over the next few years.

How will your organization get organized and primed for improved performance in 2023?

Download and learn how you can develop a strategic profit playbook for game-changing sales efforts that will increase revenue.

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