Global Telecom Distributor Wins With White Cup BI for 20+ years

This global telecom distributor has relied on White Cup Business Intelligence (BI) for critical reporting to drive exponential growth.

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Company Overview

Founded more than 40 years ago, this company is one of the largest valued-added telecom and IP equipment distributors in Europe and the Middle East. Serving a variety of markets, they offer both next-day delivery of products as well as large system build-outs.

Today, they have more than 200 employees managing more than 25,000 products in multiple offices across the globe.

A long-time customer with long-term successes

White Cup BI has been helping distributors solve business challenges since 1996, and this distributor has been a customer from the start. As the company grew and was acquired, they continue to use White Cup BI to provide critical insights into almost every aspect of their organization.

Early on, the introduction of White Cup BI opened up reporting in a whole new way. No longer were teams tied down to limited reporting from the ERP. It also eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets generated by different departments that were cumbersome and lacked a single source of truth. This new, more efficient way to manage and analyze data set the company up to thrive and scale.

It wasn’t long before White Cup BI became the company’s go-to analytics and reporting solution in all of its offices. The company has gone from a Europe-based company with a handful of branches to having successful branches in strategic locations in the Middle East. The ability of White Cup BI to report in multiple currencies makes it easy for each branch to understand their specific performance without any currency conversions.

As the distributor has grown substantially over the years, White Cup BI has scaled to match their changing needs. Currently their team uses more than 1000 White Cup BI reports, including AP, AR, GL, Inventory (Product Management and Stock Holding), Assets, Bid Management, Marketing, Complaints, Returns, and of course, the most important—Sales.

White Cup BI keeps the Sales team focused on driving revenue

The company’s sales leadership closely monitors White Cup BI reports for sales performance and margins. Specific reports are provided daily, weekly, and monthly. Not only does it track obvious sales goals, but the reports also serve as a coaching tool to improve individual sales performance. Bottom line, the sales team spends more time selling and driving revenue.

Sales reports, which are shared daily, weekly, and monthly are set up to run automatically and email on a set schedule, saving the IT team countless hours.

“White Cup BI is central. It gives us all the information we need when we need it. And anyone can make and share their own reports, no matter where they are in the company.”

IT Manager
Company Confidential


Navigating COVID with a combination of people, data, and a little luck

In 2019, before anyone had heard of COVID, our customer made the fortuitous decision to conduct a full stocktake of their warehouse. This all-hands-on-deck, week-long team effort meant counting absolutely everything. The result was a purge of deadstock and scrapping of expired items. More importantly, it left the team with a near-pristine view of their inventory in White Cup BI and an inventory stocking model that was leaner than ever.

Flash forward to March 2020 when COVID turns the world, and the global supply chain, on its collective head. As part of their 25,000 SKU inventory, the distributor provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that became critical during the pandemic. The leading factor in the team’s long-term success is their highly skilled and resourceful staff. Their deep, personal industry connections allowed them to source products that competitors struggled to acquire quickly. While they had to adjust some pricing, overall they were able to balance customer price changes while maintaining profitability.

It was the combination of a seasoned team of creative problem solvers armed with a clear view of inventory and sales data that allowed them to stockpile what was needed yet still run lean while still meeting the rapidly changing demands of their customers.

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