How CRM and Business Intelligence Drive Growth During Uncertainty

Your Data Doesn’t Lie

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Economists say we’re in for a bumpy ride compared to the past two years of robust industrial growth. And with all the noise out there, it’s easy to lose focus of data as your source of truth. This webcast will detail how distributors can leverage their CRM and business intelligence tools to not just navigate all the uncertainty but find new markets and ways to grow regardless of what the economy has in store.

MDM’s Executive Editor Mike Hockett and Brian Friedle, Vice President of Business Development at White Cup discussed strategies to navigate the unknown road ahead.

In this webcast, we covered:
– Offensive and defensive business strategies
– How a willingness to “fail fast” drives growth
– Balancing technology and your team

You’ll come away with solid examples of where your business can expand strategically, despite challenging economic factors.

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Brian Friedle Profile Image
Brian Friedle Vice President of Business Development, White Cup
Mike Hockett Profile Image
Mike Hockett Executive Editor, Modern Distribution Management

Brian Friedle is the Vice President of Business Development at White Cup. He joined White Cup, formerly MITS, in 2017 as the Vice President of Operations. Brian enjoys working with people and brings the experience of 13 years as president of an electrical distributor, Motors and Controls Corp, to his interactions in the software world.

Mike Hockett is MDM‘s executive editor, having joined the publication in March 2022. He oversees MDM’s editorial content and direction, coordinates with contributing authors, conducts interviews with executives in the distribution space, and serves as the editorial face of MDM at industry events. He has extensively covered the distribution and manufacturing sectors since 2014. Hockett earned a degree in print journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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