New Research: How Distributors Utilize Data and Technology to Drive Sales

The State of Data Analytics in Distribution

The importance of using data analytics to inform decision-making isn’t up for debate. It’s been a reality in distribution for decades.

However, despite the availability of data through the use of modern tools like CRM and BI platforms, many distributors are still not on board. Your ERP serves its purpose, but you’re losing out on huge potential if the data in your ERP is kept behind closed doors.

If you’re not maximizing your data analytics to evaluate and improve your business, you will be left behind.

In our latest research report with MDM, we surveyed 110+ distributors about their data analytics usage and prioritization. Here’s a glimpse into what we uncovered:

  • Data analysis decreases customer churn by up to 15%
  • Savvy distributors use data to establish pricing practices
  • Data provides real-time information when speed matters most

Access the full report to learn how your competition uses leading-edge tools to eliminate guesswork, improve communication and uncover hidden barriers in their organizations.


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