How to Get More Value from Your ERP System and Win More Business

Achieving an Insights Advantage


How fit is your business to compete in today’s challenging business environment? In a world that’s increasingly digital, fast-paced, and ultracompetitive, businesses must be data-driven. Distributors must aggregate data from their business transactions and customer engagement…

  • to synthesize and correlate this data
  • to surface and act on trends and opportunities
  • to drive revenue growth

However, some distributors are better equipped than others to do this. Leading organizations consolidate data and put it to work, achieving an Insights Advantage. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the backbone of every distribution business, but it’s not the only crucial software application.

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Our world has increasingly become digital by default.

“By 2025, every connected person in the world will have at least one data interaction every 18 seconds.”

– International Data Corporation

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ERP Integrations

Synchronize your business software to effectively view and utilize crucial customer and sales data. Integrations for the distribution industry are made easy with White Cup software solutions.
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