Data-Driven Sales: Leverage Technology Like Your Peers

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Relying on complex ERP systems means keeping valuable insights locked in a tangled web of information. Modern analytics tools like CRM and BI empower distributors to take a closer look at their data and use it to make strategic decisions that drive more sales. 

In this free webcast, we analyze the results of our latest research report with MDM, where we heard from over 110 distributors about how and where they’re leveraging data analytics. We’ll walk through our findings and review key insights like:

  • Tools being used by distributors to apply data to their sales operations
  • Barriers to improving data analytics usage (Hint: It’s not buy-in from leadership!)
  • The importance of having a holistic approach to data analytics usage

Find out how your data analytics usage stacks up against your industry peers, and how modern tools can help distributors do more with less while making sales smarter, faster and easier.

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Mike Hockett Executive Editor of Modern Distribution Management (MDM)
Joe DeMarco Vice President of Business Development and Technology at LINC Systems
Matt Mullen CEO of White Cup