Demystifying Marketing Automation and Email Marketing for Distributors

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It’s no secret distributors struggle to create and maintain effective marketing programs. The root of the problem? You’re distribution pros, not marketing gurus.

You can run circles around sales management, SKU management, margin performance, logistics, and the KPIs that keep your business running. But keeping up with modern marketing techniques and tools is often foreign territory. Oftentimes, distributors stack their sales team before building a marketing department, rightly so, but this makes it even more challenging to have a consistent marketing program.

No marketing team? No problem. Whether you have a designated marketing person, a whole department, or a part-time marketing-hat-wearer, thankfully, there are tools readily available for distributors to empower your team.

The goal of this guide is to demystify two main components of modern marketing:

  • Email marketing
  • Back-of-the-house marketing automation

Download this ebook for guidance on selecting the right tools that help drive revenue for your organization.

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