3 Different Pricing Strategies That Can Bury You in a Down Economy


Inflation, recession, and heightened eCommerce competition are all major headwinds causing market disruption. The unprecedented rapidity of manufacturer price increases means distributors must implement intelligent, different pricing processes and technology to stay one step ahead.

Without it, distributors face an uphill battle when it comes to arriving at the right price to offer customers to win the deal – attempting to make daily pricing decisions on thousands of products for thousands of customers without data and analytics crucial to making the right sales decisions.

As a result, distributors operate with a blind side, lacking crucial insights on where and how their sales organizations can win, impeding their ability to sell strategically and profitably.

Don’t Get Stuck in Old Habits

Without a data-driven pricing strategy, distributors often revert to habitual pricing paradigms – all of which are suboptimal in a down economy. A lack of strategic pricing constantly drains profits, especially so in the current challenging economic environment.

Alternatively, intelligent pricing strategies that are technology- and data-driven can empower organizations to price with confidence while offsetting inflation and recessionary woes. But distributors must act now, as every month delayed is a month of gross profit loss.

What are the three different pricing strategies that get every distributor into trouble – especially in a down economy? Read our ebook to find out!

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