Putting "Relationship" Back into CRM

5 Ways CRM Will Help You Grow Revenue


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Peter Drucker has been attributed to the famous words, “What gets measured, gets managed!” It is hard to manage what you can’t see – specifically if your sales cycle is not in a centralized place. Put the “relationship” back into CRM by gaining more insight into your customers’ needs, so you — and your customers — can grow more revenue.

Distributors are adopting CRM because today’s competitive markets and challenging economy demand it. Every aspect of their business, including sales, must operate as productively and efficiently as possible.

Webinar: Putting “Relationship” Back into CRM
Presenter: Steve Hesson
Theme: 5 Ways CRM Will Help You Grow Revenue

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Steve Hesson Regional Sales Manager, White Cup

Webinar Outline

In this webinar, we will discuss how a CRM can:

  • Provide automated engagement with your customers
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Improve sales productivity and win rates
  • Provide data for manager coaching
  • Drive profit through price optimization