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How Ray Morgan, A UBEO Company became an office technology “mega dealer” using Sherpa CRM.

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Visibility and Revenue Growth with Sherpa CRM Dashboards 

About the Company

Founded in 2004, UBEO Business Services is an end-to-end provider of business technology solutions and services. Currently, they operate in 11 states with over 40 locations nationwide. Their western region operates under Ray Morgan, a UBEO Company. In 2018, three companies, UBEO, Ray Morgan, and Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group, came together with the mission of acquiring more companies to expand across the US.

A financial partner like Sentinel and two large office technology companies as the backbone will allow UBEO to become, in the words of Executive Vice President for Ray Morgan, Clint Phillips, a mega dealer. So far, in 2021, they have finished over 17 acquisitions and are rounding out the year with an additional four purchases set to take place with companies in the nation’s northeast region. UBEO generates over an estimated quarter of billion dollars in revenue annually.

Mentoring the Adoption of Sherpa CRM

Clint Phillips is the Executive Vice President for Ray Morgan, a UBEO Company. Having spent his career at Ricoh Direct, Ikon Office Solutions, and Xerox, hes an office technology veteran. Three and a half years ago, he joined Ray Morgan, overseeing three (soon to be four) service teams and four sales teams totaling close to 50 people who collectively generate over $30 million in revenue for his west coast region.

Ray Morgan A UBEO Company Customer Story Quote

When it came to implementing Sherpa CRM into the business, Phillips showed his team the advantages of using the tool, highlighting the value they could pull from it and showing them how it could make them better salespeople. He does not believe in simply telling them to use the tool.

I want them to see for themselves how they can drive more sales, how they can drive more income for them, and how they can build a career by building a book of business inside Sherpa that they can manage. Thats an advantage for a sales rep. He continues, Then, Im getting what I want. I get the activity. I get the pipeline. I get to see in real-time what we can do, year over year, see where its coming from and see where its going for the next year and the next year. Of course, to that end, Phillips must practice what he preaches.

Executive Use of Sherpa CRM

To say that Ray Morgan uses Sherpa “a lot” would be a gross misrepresentation of just how critical it has become to their business. Phillips is in there every day, most of the time doing pricing because pricing is an everyday deal.

Ray Morgan A UBEO Company Customer Story HelpPhillips shares a common scenario he finds himself in. For example, A rep will come to me and ask for a little help or support. Ill go back and look at the pricing and look at the true margin in the deal. I can see what the rep margin is, and I can see what our true costs are, which our reps cant see. From there, Phillips can see service rates and profitability of service rates and can, therefore, see the whole deal all at once and see what he wants to adjust to make his bottom line and the customer happy.

Furthermore, Phillips dives into Sherpa at least once a week to monitor activities and pipeline for forecasting. He meets with his manager twice a month, looking at training activities and pipeline. And he admits that every single day he looks up an account or checks the latest action on new bids.

Top Sherpa CRM Features

Getting pricing right for Ray Morgan and any office technology company is paramount to their continued revenue growth and success. Therefore, the most valuable feature of Sherpa has been its ability to centralize all pricing data.

Tucked in the corner of Phillips office is a dusty price list book, a relic of the days before Sherpas implementation at Ray Morgan. Since Sherpa holds all that data at their fingertips, Phillips and his teams no longer have to spend hours in Excel looking up pricing and lease rates.

Phillips adds, I can keep all of the latest pricing, all of the latest contracts in there. It makes it so I can respond to the customer faster. Its a must-have that makes our job easier and easier.

Looking Forward to 2022

While they already have an established workflow with Sherpa CRM, UBEO has also started rolling out White Cup BI to work in tandem. UBEO is equipped with tools to give their teams the correct data at the right time.  They use Sherpa CRM to automate their sales process and White Cup BI to provide data analytics to make better-informed decisions. So far, the western and central regions have rolled out White Cup BI, with adoption by the eastern area on the horizon.

Even with over 20 acquisitions in the past year, UBEO is laser-focused on the future, knowing well that theres still a lot of growth and work to do. While the pandemic couldnt stop their momentum, Phillips insists that theres plenty to look forward to in 2022 and beyond the pandemic.

I want to get back to normal. I want to be able to earn a living. I want my company to grow. I want my reps to grow.

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