Strategic Planning Best Practices for Growth-Focused Distributors

On-Demand Webinar

Several substantial changes have impacted the distribution space in the last few years, including the rise of e-commerce, new competitors (e.g., Amazon Business), powerful sales enablement technologies (e.g., CRM, mobile points of sale), digital marketing, and increasing customer comfort with remote and online sales engagement. With the distribution space changing faster than ever, leaders at growth-focused distributors are taking a fresh look at how to sustain and accelerate top and bottom-line growth. A long-term, bold, and thoughtful strategic plan can make a significant difference in delivering above-market growth by helping your company identify, prioritize, resource, and execute on its top growth opportunities.

This in-depth, action-oriented webinar hosted by Redwood Advisors and White Cup will cover key questions, including:

  1. What’s a useful one-page strategic overview my organization can use to get clear on our strategic direction?
  2. How can our organization best define our long-term winning aspiration?
  3. How can we identify our top opportunities for growth – and prioritize the top 3 to 5 to drive long-term growth?
  4. How can we best translate high-level strategy into actionable initiatives?
  5. What are the key elements that define a great strategic plan (from just a good one)?


The conversation will focus on strategic planning best practices for distribution C-suite executives seeking to develop or refine their organization’s long-term growth plan.


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John Nantz Founding Partner, Redwood Advisors

John Nantz has delivered more than 75 projects as a management consultant over the last 10 years with a focus on growth strategy and commercial excellence for distributors, manufacturers, and other clients. Former clients include GranQuartz, Ares Private Equity, and McElroy Manufacturing among others. John started his career at McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco office and earned a BA with distinction in Economics and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.