Secrets of Top Distributors: How to Increase Revenue and Market Share

On-Demand Webinar

Host: Helen Piña

Panelists: John Allard, Owner of Clayton Controls; Emily Fritz, Marketing Manager, LEPCO, and John Butts, Senior Vice President of Relevant Solutions 

There’s no question distributors face continued challenges in the year ahead. The sales cycle is changing, with customers having more access to information and various sales channels than ever before. Sales, marketing and customer support roles are becoming more specialized as distributors grow, leading to departments becoming more siloed.

Smart distributors see these challenges as opportunities.

In this panel discussion, our three distribution experts shared real strategies they’re using to increase profitability, strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers, and use technology to identify their next best actions. 

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John Allard Owner, Clayton Controls
Emily Fritz Marketing Manager, LEPCO
John Butts Senior Vice President, Relevant Industrial