Elevate Every Critical Business Decision With Advanced AI Solutions For Distributors

Use AI across your organization to maximize sales, strengthen customer relationships and hit revenue goals. These actionable insights are available to your whole team so you can work together to win more.

Maximize Order Value With Top Related Products

Know what your customers need before they tell you with top related products that appear right in your CRM or BI dashboard.

You’ll see product and price suggestions for specific customers based on their purchase history so you can:

  • Enrich your sales pitch by offering related products during a call
  • Notify team members by adding top products to a task or email
  • Effortlessly add products to quotes
Top Related Products for Distributors

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value With Buying Cycle Insights

Help your sales team reach out to customers at the right time, every time. White Cup analyzes each customer’s past ordering patterns to notify reps when an anticipated reorder data is approaching.

Instead of sifting through sales spreadsheets, your team can:

  • Receive notifications when customers are most likely to reorder
  • Reach out when customers fail to order at their normal time 
  • Optimize purchasing based on data-driven ordering patterns
Buying Cycle Insights for Distributors

Turn Inventory Liabilities Into Revenue Opportunities With Dying Stock Campaigns

Get slow-moving stock off your balance sheet by sending targeted marketing campaigns to customers most likely to purchase those products.
See which contacts fit the target immediately within White Cup BI, and use templates to send emails in minutes from White Cup CRM.

  • Optimize inventory management and organizational efficiency
  • Personalize customer outreach
  • Hit sales quotas with quick wins
Dying Stock Campaigns for Distributors

Maximize Efficiency with Predictive Sales Forecasting

Stop spending hours analyzing P&L statements to develop sales forecasts. White Cup’s predictive sales forecasting uses AI to analyze your historical sales data, accounting for seasonality and other factors.
Develop forecasts across dimensions, including location, product group or sales rep so you can:

  • Eliminate guesswork in sales forecasting
  • Navigate a changing market landscape in real time
  • Plan for sustainable growth and profitability while mitigating risks
Predictive Sales Forecasting for Distributors

Benefits of AI Solutions for Distributors

Optimizing Operations

AI-driven insights help distributors streamline operations and ordering. By analyzing large volumes of data quickly, AI models can predict demand more accurately, optimizing inventory and reducing operation costs while increasing supply chain efficiency.

Mitigating Risks

The ability to spot trends sooner and act on them is a significant competitive advantage. AI can help your company identify customers who are most likely to churn based on a lack of recent orders or flag slow-moving inventory. Predictive analytics can also help distributors anticipate market changes and make adjustments.

Improving Customer Relationships

AI helps distributors take a more personalized, proactive approach to sales and customer service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. This increases customer lifetime value and also strengthens the overall value of your brand.

Reducing Data Analysis & Reporting

AI automates the manual process of analyzing data, freeing up your sales teams to focus on your customers.  Incorporating AI into your business strategy also gives your company a competitive advantage, helping you stay more agile and innovative.

White Cup AI FAQs

  • Will AI replace sales reps?

    Artificial intelligence is meant to enhance your team’s capabilities, not replace them. Using AI can automate manual tasks like data analysis and reporting, allowing your team to focus on more strategic priorities like developing go-to-market plans and building relationships with customers.

  • Will AI replace our existing software?

    AI isn’t a substitute for an ERP, CRM or business intelligence solution. It’s designed to complement these solutions by offering deeper insight and automating more prescriptive actions based on the data within them.

  • How are your AI models developed and trained?

    We believe AI models are most impactful when they’re trained on your company’s own data. That’s why we developed our solutions to complement existing sales and product data from your ERP, business intelligence software and CRM software. For instance, White Cup’s predictive sales forecasting models use your company’s unique sales history in order to create accurate, actionable forecasts and trends. This data is refreshed monthly to ensure your AI-generated forecasts remain as accurate as possible.

  • How accurate are your AI models?

    The accuracy of our AI models fundamentally depends on the quality and depth of the data available. In essence, AI-generated outcomes are only as strong and precise as the data input into the system. The more comprehensive and accurate the data ingested by an AI model, the more reliable and dependable the output will be. And as your usage of White Cup’s solutions deepens, so too will the accuracy of your AI-powered insights and workflows.


    For distributors interested in leveraging our Predictive Sales Forecasting feature, we recommend having at least five years’ worth of detailed past sales data available within their ERP system. This depth of historical data allows our AI to analyze trends, patterns, and seasonal variations with a high degree of sophistication. When these conditions are met, we can typically expect the forecasts generated by our AI to have a margin of error of less than 10%. This level of precision enables businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their inventory levels, and better prepare for future demand, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • What are examples of AI in wholesales distribution?

    AI is transforming the wholesale distribution sector while driving greater efficiency and performance for distributors in general. Examples include AI sales forecasting, customer segmentation and personalization, and chatbots for customer service.

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