Dont count CRM out of your digital marketing strategy

Don’t Count CRM Out of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You may think that CRM is just software that “helps a company keep track of all of the details about prospects and customers,” right? Wrong…so wrong. Sure, it  does  do those things, but your CRM can do so much more for multiple departments within your organization or company if used strategically. One of the most underrated advantages of utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is the value that it can add to your digital marketing strategy. From automated alerts to increased visibility of customer data, a CRM can provide you with the insights needed to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Not convinced? We put together just a few of the many reasons you shouldn’t exclude CRM as a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

Increased Visibility

Picture this: two boxers enter the ring for a match. Boxer One has tirelessly studied his opponent. He knows what moves to expect and when to expect them. Boxer Two has never even  heard  of the other guy. Who wins?  You guessed it, Boxer One.

The same applies to your digital marketing strategy. Success is dependent on the extent to which your team understands its target audience. CRM does the work for you, giving your marketing team the ability to view multifaceted data in one spot. It gives them the opportunity to get to know customers like the back of their hands.



No, not Bring Your Own Refrigerator.  BYOR stands for  Build Your Own Report and having a CRM equipped with BYOR can be highly beneficial to your marketing team.

Data is the biggest driver of decision-making and, subsequently, the biggest driver of growing a business in a digital-first landscape. While your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), analytics tools, and business software provide data out the wazoo, it’s not useful until polished into actionable insights. It doesn’t take many exported Excel files to realize that you can dig for ages and never find a recommendation for your digital strategy, let alone one that considers a single, shared view of the customer using all that customer’s information.

BYOR allows you to compile the data of your choosing into an easily digestible report or dashboard. Giving your marketing team the ability to customize data reports makes it easier to understand trends across your customer base and strengthen their game plan.


Automated Alerts

Access to all this data is useless if it goes unused. Automated alerts enabled through your CRM software can drive the momentum of marketing efforts by reminding your team when it’s time to create another touchpoint. For instance, you can set up alerts to notify your team when a new lead is created or make a follow-up phone call to check on a customer. Automated alerts help to eliminate guesswork and increase accountability, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.


Email Campaigns

Putting together lists can be a tedious task when sending email campaigns, especially when creating segments for targeted messages. Using CRM enables your team to utilize list filtering, gathering, and exporting to expedite the process so you can make more connections in less time.

Email list segmentation can drive more interaction by reaching specific sub-sets of your overall email marketing list. Some segmented audiences may include top customers or customers who haven’t been active for a while. They could also include those that have a history of buying a specific product line or regional targeting. Each segment can drive a new set of sales outreach activities and potential wins.


Customer Insights

These days, a personalized experience with any brand is of utmost importance to customers. That should be reflected in your digital marketing strategy. With the increased visibility of CRM’s customer data, marketers can better tailor messaging to a specific audience for an optimized result.

Ultimately, the valuable insights into customer behavior through CRM help drive personalized touchpoints. They provide your customers with a memorable experience that keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. No matter what stage of the buying process they reside in, insights can help you move them through the pipeline.

It’s hard to ignore the value added to any marketing strategy through a CRM solution. Between alerts, BYOR, and all the customer insights available, strategically utilizing CRM enables you to create a modernized marketing game plan that holds up to today’s standards of a heavily personalized customer experience.

The key is to have a CRM solution that provides the functionality you need to maximize your marketing potential. White Cup makes it easier for businesses to use their data to make better decisions.

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