Power of CRM & BI Combined for Distributors

The Power of CRM & BI Combined for Distributors

Effectively capture and utilize your ERP data with the power of CRM and BI combined for distributors. These revenue intelligence software tools help distributors grow their revenue and improve profitability.

How Can Your Teams Effectively Use Your ERP Data?

As distributors, you love your ERP system. The software is designed for processing and storing large volumes of business transactions, such as customer orders, vendor purchases, and invoices. However, the complexity of ERP data cannot quickly provide insights into customer buying patterns, track vendor performance metrics, or monitor sales trends.

Furthermore, how do you get the data out of your system for your sales and executive teams? Well, you can get the data out if you have someone on staff that can write custom SQL or crystal reports.  However, wouldn’t it be easier if you had a tool that provides integrated built-in sales and business intelligence tools for you? The power of CRM and BI combined for distributors can bring this information to light.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What exactly is CRM, and how is it going to benefit me? CRM is software that gathers customer data from your ERP and other places and houses it in one place. CRM is designed for your sales and marketing teams and can help manage customer, prospect, and even vendor relationships.

If you’re looking for prospect or customer behavior patterns and you need to keep your sales teams moving deals through the funnel, then CRM is what you need. But if you need more business insights into data like pricing reductions, inventory and supply chain management, or market trends, then a Business Intelligence tool is what you need.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Business intelligence tools are built to pull multiple data points from various business systems (accounting, purchasing, warehousing, marketing, and sales) and visually present the data as actionable reports or dashboards. For example, looking at the customer life cycle can show you when churn happens and why. In addition, BI can help you identify and address pain points to reduce churn and uncover additional sales opportunities. Further, BI tools can help improve margins and increase profitability.

Some BI tools are cumbersome to implement and use. In contrast, others have built-in reporting and dashboards for specific industries. It leaves you with just the critical data to make decisions for your business. Some benefits of BI tools include:

  • Gain control of increasing overhead by quickly uncovering rising expense trends.
  • Identify product lines that are trending up or down in sales and profitability.
  • Zero-in on customers that warrant appropriate discounts to retain the customer, but at a profitable margin.

Unleash the Power of CRM & BI Combined

While CRM and BI systems can operate on their own, together, they offer the most powerful use of your data. You can seamlessly move between CRM and BI systems to view reports. This allows you to spot areas of opportunities then immediately set up action steps for sales follow-up and customer meetings. The power of CRM and BI combined for distributors allows for improved efficiency and accountability.

Pick the Solution That is Best for You

Whether it is CRM, BI, or both, pick the solution that will work best for your company. Then, seek software that will natively integrate with your ERP for an easy transition. For example, White Cup’s TDF CRM and MITS BI products are explicitly designed for and natively integrated with many distributor ERPs.

Our deep understanding of the ERP data structure, architecture, and technology shows in our built-in, user-friendly, powerful dashboards, scorecards, and reporting tools. These specifically designed tools for distributors make your team instantly more effective. Our revenue intelligence software tools help distributors grow their revenue and improve profitability.

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