dont lose profit or customers with a pricing strategy with white cup pricing software

Pricing Strategy: Don’t Lose Profit … or Customers

Setting the right price for your products is a constant challenge. Eliminate the guessing game by using data right from your ERP. Define a pricing strategy that can increase sales and support all your customers. You want to keep your best, most profitable customers happy. And for your most challenging customers, you want to meet their needs while defining a strategy that can aid in growing more business.

But how can you tackle both sides of that coin?

Approach Decreasing Sales Head On

Decreasing Sales

Keep on top of concerning customers with a dashboard built specifically for customers with high-profit percentages and decreasing sales in the last three months.

Secondly, uncover who your best customers are and reach out to them to understand if the needs of their business have changed, or if there’s something going on in your business relationship, and come to a win-win solution together.

Uncover Customers with Varying Profit Margins

Varying Profit Margins

Managing margin can be tough. Add in a few customers with extraordinary margins and you can see the money coming in – but is the customer happy?

Zero in on your customers with extremely high margins and decreasing sales. Could it be your pricing? A minor price decrease or promotion can help get you that next sale and keep the customer happy…win-win.

What about small customers with a low-profit percentage? Quickly see customers with lower sales numbers and lower margins to see how their sales are trending, what their profit percentage is, what discounts they have, and more. White Cup BI helps you see the full picture so you can drill down to uncover potential money-making opportunities or prevent issues before it’s too late.

Finally, target promising customers that have high sales trends and go after those small customers to meet your quota quicker.

Gain insight into all your Customer Sales Trends

Customer Sales Trends

Pinpointing areas for pricing improvement is crucial with thin margins across multiple transactions, customers, and SKUs.

Better manage your pricing strategy with White Cup BI, White Cup’s analytics platform for distributors and manufacturers. The easy-to-use dashboards allow you to see real-time reporting.

See how your business can develop an improved pricing strategy and grow profit from combined business intelligence and CRM software solutions. Integrate these revenue intelligence tools alongside your ERP platform.

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