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Revenue Intelligence Platform

What to Look for in a Revenue Intelligence Platform

Since the introduction of business software, the distribution industry has, oftentimes, had to make do with solutions that were designed to fit the masses. Modern distributors demand more tailored solutions that are packed with value, easy to use, and integrated.  Distributor-specific solutions come in the form of a Revenue Intelligence platform.

What is a revenue intelligence platform?

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A revenue intelligence platform is a suite of integrated software solutions specifically designed for distributors. It is laser-focused on improving both the quantity and quality of a distributor’s business. By quantity, we mean an increase in the overall top line revenue. The quality of that revenue includes improved margins and bottom-line net profit. These two goals are achieved when data is connected and easy to act on. It’s a platform designed for sustainable growth.

Components of Revenue Intelligence

A successful revenue intelligence platform includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (such as White Cup CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) (such as MITS BI), and Pricing software (such as White Cup Pricing) that serve as a complete revenue engine. While each of these products can function independently, when they are combined and connected to a distributor’s ERP, the opportunities for growth are exponential.

Three key factors in considering a revenue intelligence platform:

1. Is it designed specifically for distribution?

There’s no shortage of business software in the world. But few are focused solely on the challenges that are specific to distribution. Additionally, using software that is designed specifically for our industry means easy integration into the industry-standard ERPs. Changing or adding new software is a major investment. Needing to hire a third-party consultant to manage setup and building a bridge to the ERP is an unnecessary expense if you start with people who live and breathe distribution.

2. Is it easy to use?

User adoption will make or break the success of any software implementation project. If the end-user (sales reps, managers, office staff, etc.) doesn’t see the value in software, the result is frustrated users, wasted time, and a big cash investment out the window.

In addition to adoption, consider what the revenue intelligence platform delivers in terms of reports. Will it provide a mix of pre-built reports as well as options for more customized reports to uncover the details you need to make data-based decisions?

3. Will it continue to deliver value in the long haul?

Beyond a successful initial adoption of a revenue intelligence platform, distributors need to look to future needs. The CRM, BI, and Pricing combination is a revenue-driving engine, so growth considerations are just as critical as adoption. You’ll need a platform that can scale in functionality, and, more importantly, can provide continual improvement of revenue performance year over year.

Interested in learning how White Cup’s revenue intelligence platform can help drive top and bottom-line revenue for your organization, let’s talk.

White Cup offers a revenue intelligence platform with integrated solutions specifically designed for the distribution industry. Our CRM, BI, and Pricing software is the complete revenue engine for distributors and is laser-focused on driving more revenue and improved profits. With decades of industry experience, White Cup is trusted by more than 1,000 customers globally.

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