Driving Revenue Through Pricing Optimization

Achieve 2-4% Gross Profit Increase by Optimizing your Pricing and Profit Goals

Webinar Recording:

While most distribution executives know they need to fix their pricing, they often put it off, thinking it’s too complicated. Yet pricing is the most potent tool for distributors. For example, a 1% improvement in price optimization improves your top line and yields an 11% increase to your bottom line.

Discover three (3) simple pricing optimization steps that can lead to 2-4% gross profit increase. When the price is right, your distribution company wins. Watch it now!

Presenters: John Gunderson and Brian Friedle
Theme: Optimizing Your Pricing and Creating Profit Goals

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John Gunderson profile image
John Gunderson Vice President, epaCUBE
Brian Friedle Profile Image
Brian Friedle VP Business Development, White Cup

Webinar Outline

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up customer & product segmentation that aligns with your profit goals
  • Accurately segment for an effective pricing matrix
  • Optimize your pricing model to achieve:
    • Higher profits
    • Reduced price overrides
    • Better negotiations with your customers