Software for Office Technology Dealers

The office technology industry has no shortage of challenges. And for more than 20 years, White Cup has been designing software solutions that empower Office Tech dealers to drive revenue and provide superior customer service for your challenging market. The powerful combination of our Sherpa CRM and MITS BI (business intelligence) software uncovers insights that create opportunities for existing and potential customers alike.

White Cup Office Technology Software Data

Use your existing data to find new opportunities with current customers

For office tech dealers, we know that keeping your existing customers happy and equipped with the latest machines is no small task. The combination of Sherpa CRM and MITS BI help you see a complete picture of your customer’s account, making it easier to identify potential opportunities for equipment upgrades and more profitable usage agreements.

White Cup Office Technology Software Reaching Customers

Reach potential customers with automated marketing programs

The office tech market is more competitive than ever before. To help customers compete better, Sherpa CRM allows each customer to be identify in multiple segments and sub-segments. This flexible, user-defined configuration allows makes it easy to create highly targeted customer and prospect lists. Those lists can then be uploaded to your existing marketing automation software for customized communications and sales promotions.

White Cup Office Technology Software Sales Process

Create a sales process that’s intuitive and profitable for sales reps

Office technology sales is not for the faint of heart. High sales staff turnover not only creates breaks in customer service, but it also means lost potential sales opportunity data for the business. That’s why our solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy to work into daily activities. Sherpa CRM takes the guesswork out of follow-up steps for sales reps with automatic prompts and alerts. Continual action on sales opportunities will increase overall sales. Successful salespeople stick around when given the tools to succeed.

Additionally, reporting on the sales funnel up and down the management chain is just a few clicks away with role-specific dashboards that drive accountability and follow through.

White Cup Office Technology Software ERP Data

Make your data work as hard as you do

Businesses have a wealth of data that could drive revenue, but too often, it’s in multiple formats and can’t create a full picture of opportunities. Additionally, pulling the data into a format that is useful can be time consuming. The pre-built reports and dashboards in MITS BI show real-time data that clearly show what areas of the business need attention. Easily create, share and take action on sales reports, customer profitability data and equipment pricing configurations.

White Cup Office Technology Software Marketing Automation

Stay top of mind with marketing automation

The office tech industry is more competitive than ever. Nurturing new business opportunities and staying top of mind with prospects requires multiple touch points with relevant information. To do this, Sherpa CRM is designed to integrate with popular email marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Act-On and others. Seamlessly share contacts and sales funnel status between platforms. Additionally, our integrations allow for easy list segmentation. No more hassles of downloading and uploading lists between systems that run the risk of duplicating data. Sales funnel dashboards are automatically updated based on lead scoring to make opportunity handoff easy for sales managers.

ERP Integrations

Get a 360° view of your customer by integrating our CRM, BI, and pricing software with your ERP, marketing automation platform, and more. White Cup integrates with industry-specific technology platforms, so sales reps can easily access the data they need to win in real-time.

Take the Easy Path

With our industry-specific CRM and BI software for office technology, making smart decisions from your data has never been easier.
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