Kristen Thom Promoted to VP of Customer Success

Kristen Thom Promoted to Vice President of Customer Success of White Cup

SEATTLE, WA, January 25, 2021 – White Cup, previously known as Compass Sales Solutions, MITS, and Tour de Force, today announced Kristen Thom was Promoted to VP of Customer Success, from her previous role as Director of Support Services. Kristen will be responsible for providing strategic direction for the Professional Services, Managed Services, Training and Support teams and manage all processes to enhance the entire customer experience.

Kristen Thom VP of Customer Success

“Through Kristen’s leadership, the Customer Success team will enhance every step of the customer experience: from onboarding through the continued relationship. We are committed to building stronger relationships with our customers and to our promise of delivering world-class customer service,” said Braun.

Kristen has been with White Cup since 2013, formerly on the Compass Sales Solutions team, and has been Director of Support Services since December 2019. Since then, she and her team have successfully simplified the customer support process and reduced the support ticket backlog by 50 percent, consolidated three disparate processes into one cohesive experience, implemented Zendesk as a new support ticketing tool, and attained 92.5 percent satisfaction rating for the support process by driving live conversations and better, more frequent communication with customers.

“I am thrilled to take on the role as VP of Customer Success. Building relationships with our customers has been the most satisfying and valuable experience over my time with White Cup, and I’m excited to drive this forward across our teams, “says Thom. “Having a customer-focused plan for implementation through deployment, change management, and continuing care through upgrades and new features and functions are all critical to the intimacy of a strong partnership with all our customers.”

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