5 Business Challenges You Can Conquer With a CRM

Your biggest challenges and how to fix them

Webinar Recording:

Finding viable solutions for business challenges in your company may seem impossible, and rightfully so. However, the right tools and plan of action can make your goals attainable. 

Watch Helen Piña, VP of Marketing at White Cup, walk through how to tackle common business challenges with improved technology and sales processes that empower your sales team and accelerate your business.

In this webinar recording, we discuss:  

  • Long sales cycles that get lost over time  
  • Sales not being trained to use technology effectively, causing wrong actions and lost opportunities  
  • Customer churn that could have been avoided  
  • Losing sales opportunities because of a lack of documentation and disorganization  
  • Slow response time to leads and lack of follow-up, causing missed opportunities 

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Helen Pina Profile Image - 5 Biggest Business Challenges You Can Conquer in 2023 with a CRM
Helen Piña Vice President of Marketing, White Cup

Helen Piña joined White Cup in 2021 as the Vice President of Marketing. She has 15 years of marketing and technology industry experience and over 20 years of customer-centricity focus. Prior to joining White Cup, Helen was a marketing leader at PROS (NYSE: PRO) for nine years across digital marketing, customer marketing, marketing operations, brand, corporate marketing, content strategy, and partner marketing functions.