Embracing Digital Transformation Webinar Series: Part 2

Using Sherpa CRM and Marketing Automation


Webinar Recording:

In Part 1 of Embracing Digital Transformation, we discussed how James Imaging used Sherpa CRM to increase revenue by $300k. Join us as we pull the curtain back and show you how to implement these same tactics for your company. In this video, Dominic Pontrelli, President of Pontrelli Marketing, and Dustin Hall, Senior Customer Account Manager of White Cup, discuss how CRM and marketing automation can help your business focus on creating better customer and prospect experiences.

Presenters: Dominic Pontrelli and  Dustin Hall
Theme: Digital Transformation through Sherpa CRM

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Dominic Pontrelli Marketing
Dominic Pontrelli President, Pontrelli Marketing
Dustin Hall White Cup Webinar
Dustin Hall Customer Account Manager, White Cup

Webinar Outline

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize Sherpa CRM to better align sales and marketing efforts
  • Drive sales demand with targeted marketing campaigns through Sherpa CRM
  • Report on sales and marketing activities in Sherp