National Electrical Distributor: A decade of growth with White Cup

This nationwide player has relied on White Cup’s CRM through organic and acquisition growth.

Company Overview:

Founded in the early 1900s, this electrical supply distribution company is one of the largest in the country. They boast loyal customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. They offer a massive inventory of products backed by a team of highly trained experts to help ensure projects run smoothly.

Digital transformation started with the CRM

For decades, the company experienced steady growth and was gradually stepping up their technology infrastructure with Eclipse ERP. By 2012, the time had come to streamline their sales process to ensure success in their next chapter of success. Prior to using White Cup’s CRM, the sales team relied on old school methods of notes taken in the car and spreadsheets. One of the biggest challenges they were looking to solve was to find a way to provide the sales team with a tool that would not only make it easier for them to stay organized, but also allow more pipeline visibility for the rest of the team.

In addition to increased visibility, the team also needed a way to improve their account budgeting process. Having a more formal budgeting process would keep internal teams accountable and provide insights to the leadership team on overall profitability.

Growing with White Cup's CRM over time

What initially drew the selection team to White Cup’s CRM was the fact that it is designed for distributors, by distributors.

At the time they started working with White Cup’s CRM, the company had about one hundred locations. Now, at over 160 locations, White Cup’s CRM has scaled to meet their changing needs.

The growth process also involved adoption by a variety of users. The team behind White Cup’s CRM implementation and ongoing management relies on on-going training and increased communications to drive adoption. Whether it is on-site training sessions or pushing key reports out on a regular basis, the goal is to demonstrate how White Cup’s CRM can benefit the larger team on a daily basis. “We have a lot of different types of users, outside sales, inside sales, quoting, marketing, and executives,” said their CRM Manager. “It’s a flexible tool that everyone uses.”

Improved communications and customer service

When it comes to successes with White Cup’s CRM, top of the list is that it allowed the teams to start talking more. The increased visibility in White Cup’s CRM across the company enhanced communications and made it easier for both sales and other support people to be more proactive. With White Cup’s CRM, it is easier for outside reps to create trip reports with outcomes and next steps, which improved the overall customer experience.

Additionally, the budget process function was key, especially as the company brought on more locations and acquired businesses. It helps them better manage account profitability and team accountability.

“White Cup’s CRM team has been great especially as we did some deep customization. There was never a time I didn’t feel like we were taken care of over the years.”

– CRM Manager
Company Confidential

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