T. J. Snow finds success with White Cup's CRM

White Cup’s integration with Prophet 21 keeps business rolling

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For more than 60 years, T. J. Snow has been a leader in the resistance welding industry. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this third-generation distributor and manufacturer has a reputation built on providing turn-key solutions and outstanding service. The company started as a distributor and manufacturer’s representative but has evolved into a full-service provider of machinery and resistance welding supply sales.

Tackling the challenges that come with growth

Prior to White Cup, the T. J. Snow team was using Act! for their CRM needs, but as the company grew, it became clear there needed to be a two-way sync between their ERP, Epicor Profit 21 (P21), and the CRM. White Cup’s CRM solved that problem and opened the door to take advantage of the P21 data for sales opportunities. “The biggest thing White Cup’s CRM brought to the table was the fact it was integrated with P21,” said President Sam Snow, who is also President of the Prophet 21 World Wide User Group.

The other main challenge they faced was creating a structure for the outside sales team to easily share data and progress with inside team members to ensure they were providing the highest quality service that customers had come to expect.

Seamless integration and proactive sales

While the P21 integration was the driving reason to go with White Cup’s CRM, it also helps to provide a more in-depth view of customer activity, uncover opportunities, and keep track of past communications. “If it’s not in White Cup’s CRM, it doesn’t exist,” said Tom Snow, Chairman and son of founder T. J. Snow, who believes in the value that CRM brings.

The T. J. Snow business is split equally between two different markets. First, there are the welding machine sales with long sales cycles. On the other side, there are the welding-related supply sales, which have much shorter sales cycles with repeat business. Prior to White Cup’s CRM, the long-term machine sales opportunity tracking was largely on paper, making it challenging to consistently follow up. White Cup’s CRM has provided the needed structure to be more proactive about following up on opportunities. It also helps coordinate responses between people inside the company creating quotes and outside regional sales reps.

Gap analysis drives opportunities with both customer segments

White Cup’s CRM’s gap analysis tools allow the Snow team to look at customers who’d bought expensive machinery but weren’t buying welding supplies or vice versa. It’s an easy and effective way to create ongoing target lists of opportunities that yield sales with both segments.

T.J. Snow’s commitment to service combined with tech solutions, including White Cup’s CRM, has set them up for continued success as they roll into the next 60 years.

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