The Simplified Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Webinar Recording

Digital transformation is a hot topic amongst distributors, but its actual definition can mean different things to different people. What matters is the concept of digital transformation and creating your own roadmap with clear, concise goals and next steps that work specifically for you and your business. 

Helen Piña, VP of Marketing, and Sahiz Kaur, Product Marketing Manager, lead a transparent conversation on the benefits and challenges of digital transformation for your distribution business. 

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Steps you can take to get started on your digital transformation
  • What to consider when adding new technologies to your business 
  • How to optimize your data-driven technologies to make a real impact on your growth  
  • Important factors to consider when moving through the journey  
  • Risk factors and how to avoid them  


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Helen Piña Vice President of Marketing, White Cup
Sahiz Kaur - Product Marketing Manager, White Cup
Sahiz Kaur Product Marketing Manager, White Cup