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Driving Sales Through Targeted Messaging

When you blanket the whole world with generic messaging, you tend to get ignored—especially these days. So, if you want to start driving sales, it must be with targeted messaging.

However, how do you make your messaging relevant? How do you reach your customer base? How do you do that effectively? And how do you get around to doing it at all? Well, it comes down to people.

There are tons of great ideas at your company. Your people are knowledgeable. They’re out there having conversations and being influenced by every interaction. They’re bringing ideas about selling x, y, and z this way to that person. That’s the targeted messaging needed when driving sales.

The Idea Black Hole

Here’s a hypothetical.

You’re having a vendor do a lunch and learn, and your sales team is there gorging on pizza. While they’re eating, they’re probably having all sorts of ideas about how and where they can sell. Great! But what happens is the lunch and learn ends, they step away, and when they finally get around to re-engaging, they’ve got all sorts of other tasks.

Those ideas from the lunch and learn never quite get followed up on.

Now, the lunch and learn is just one example of ideas coming to your sales team that never get followed up on. Perhaps you’ve heard a bit of competitive intel from a colleague. Whatever the case is, there are ideas that have come up about selling, but they’re rarely followed up on.

Why Ideas Don’t Go Anywhere

The reason ideas aren’t turning into targeted messaging for driving sales is that there’s no practical way to do it. Maybe you don’t have a CRM, or maybe you have one, and it doesn’t allow you to easily create lists and qualify and quantify the customers that you’d like to reach out to.

First, perhaps you should be taking a look at White Cup CRM which will allow you to build targeted lists and track your customer interactions all in one platform. Or maybe your CRM doesn’t have the added easy, in-built marketing functionality to allow you to reach out to customers and contacts yourself.

Sure, you probably have a marketing team to handle some of this work, but with many sales reps, each with their own ideas, that quickly becomes too much for a marketing team to keep up with. And similarly, your marketing team has other functions, campaigns, and efforts that are equally important that need their attention.

So you end up with a culture of disillusionment where you don’t feel like you can go after your ideas because it’s probably not going to work out, and you’re probably not going to follow up on it. You know all of that because you’ve seen it happen before.

Capturing the Targeted Messaging with Tags

To change that culture of disillusionment, we need three things. It needs to be easy, it needs to be quick, and it needs to be self-service so you can control your own destiny.

Within White Cup CRM, we achieve this with tags.

Tags are a way to call attention to something, suggest commonality, and build lists. It can be anything that defines your customer or contact and can be done as you go about your day and learn something new.

Tags can be almost anything from location, leisure activities, or type of business. You can add tags pertaining to the types of products they buy or their industry, or even how they style their hair. Yes, even that.

Using tags gives the option to group customers and contacts together in a way so that you can craft a unique message that will resonate with them. If you find out that you have tons of customers with similar interests, families, and businesses, you can craft a message specifically for them that would otherwise be nonsense to a different group of customers.

That’s the key to driving more sales; personalizing the experience so that your relationships with your customers feel more than simply transactional.

Driving Sales Through Targeted Messaging

See it in Action: Driving Sales with Targeted Messaging All from Your CRM

To see this in action, check out this 12-minute webinar recording that VP of Business Development Brian Friedle did on how Generic Outreach is Hurting Your Revenue. In it, he walks through the importance of tags and how to use the feature within White Cup CRM to go from idea to targeted messaging to email campaigns.

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