What Drove the Search for CRM Software 

LEPCO sales reps serve as an extension of their dealerships’ teams, so having access to real-time data is essential. Members of the sales and marketing teams were constantly receiving individual lists of contact information from manufacturers and dealers, but there was no process or system in place for centralizing that data, CRM Administrator Katie Crowl said. They had no single source of truth for real-time data. 

This made it difficult for sales reps to access vital information about dealers in their respective territories and stay organized, especially when they traveled frequently.

Because LEPCO markets to both dealers as well as dealers’ end-users, it was also important to maintain contact records that clearly showed the relationship between the two and would allow the team to effectively engage with these distinct groups through emails and marketing campaigns.

“It was so great to see a CRM for distributors that emphasized business intelligence. It just became more and more evident that White Cup really understood our industry and truly have expertise in this space that goes beyond the software. ”
Katie Crowl

CRM Administrator


Why LEPCO Chose White Cup CRM 

LEPCO considered other leading CRM solutions. Ultimately, they determined White Cup was the best CRM for distributors for several reasons. 

First, the fact that White Cup CRM had built-in business intelligence stood out compared to some other solutions, which required a separate subscription and would not have been as deeply integrated with LEPCO’s ERP platform. In addition, White Cup specifically focuses on distributors, so they have deep expertise in working with ERPs and experience mapping ERP data to their CRM.

Because White Cup CRM integrates natively with LEPCO’s ERP and includes built-in BI tools, the company can create reports and dashboards that show sales performance, top products, and other key performance indicators in a fraction of the time. 

They can also easily see the relationship between their bill-to and ship-to dealer accounts. In addition, LEPCO has added a tier of data to show if an account is a dealer or an end-user.


Keys to Successful CRM Implementation and Adoption

A well-planned CRM implementation can transform a distributor’s operations. LEPCO exemplifies this with their strategic rollout of White Cup CRM, initially focusing on their sales and marketing teams to fortify dealer and end-user relationships. A designated project manager and CRM rollout prioritization were pivotal in keeping the team aligned and on track.

White Cup’s support was instrumental, not only during the implementation, but also in promoting and ensuring adoption by helping LEPCO’s team members see immediate efficiency gains. 

Features like automated task reminders and the ability to leverage manufacturing partner data within the White Cup ecosystem via API made the transition smoother and more appealing.

By replacing their legacy systems with native functionality found in White Cup’s integrated solutions, including email marketing automation and built-in business intelligence dashboards, LEPCO streamlined their workflow, showing the clear advantages over other standalone tools.

For distributors looking to adopt White Cup CRM, LEPCO’s approach serves as a best practice blueprint. 

Start with a focused rollout.

Use your CRM software vendor’s expertise and support to strategically drive adoption, and progressively replace other systems to fully realize the efficiencies of an integrated, comprehensive CRM platform.

To increase CRM user adoption, remind employees of how the software will make them more efficient, giving them valuable insights that lead to action. 

For instance, instead of remembering to follow up with a customer months later, or writing a note that can easily be lost on a desk or out on the road, they can create a task that will alert them within White Cup CRM. 

Embracing Proactive Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support With White Cup CRM

LEPCO plans to replace their existing email marketing platform with White Cup’s email marketing automation, and other analysis and reporting tools with the business intelligence dashboards built into White Cup CRM. 

Full visibility into dealers, end-users and the associated communications, cases and opportunities of each in one view will improve the customer experience LEPCO delivers. Account managers can reach out sooner if they see a dealer has a delayed shipment or a late payment, for instance. 

As the company moves deeper into CRM adoption, Crowl said the continued support from the White Cup team has put her mind at ease. 

She has been impressed with every interaction, from the initial calls with the sales team, the project management throughout implementation, and the quick response from White Cup support to help her resolve pressing questions. 

“If you want to have a fantastic, out-of-this-world, best customer experience you’ve ever had, White Cup is the way to go,” she said. 

“If you want to have a fantastic, out-of-this-world, best customer experience you’ve ever had, White Cup is the way to go.”
Katie Crowl

CRM Administrator




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    Lawn Equipment Parts Company (LEPCO) is a family-owned wholesale distributor supplying outdoor power equipment, aftermarket parts and accessories to more than 1,300 dealers.




  • Implemented better business intelligence with White Cup
  • Significantly improved reporting on key performance indicators
  • Implemented White Cup CRM
  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Expanded marketing to end users

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