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Whether you're struggling to manage customer relationships with spreadsheets or the CRM you're currently using isn't cutting it, you recognize it's time to invest in a better option. While there are several well-known solutions on the market, they aren’t necessarily the best CRM for distributors.
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Comparing Top CRM Software

The best CRM software is not only designed for distribution; it’s designed to transform the way your company operates. This is why we developed White Cup CRM and BI as a single, powerful solution for distributors. It’s designed as a modern CRM, but with all the business insights, functionality and templates your distribution team needs to get started from day one. Our team understands the distribution business better than anyone, and we know how to organize data from ERP systems into actionable insights for your entire team. This significantly reduces implementation timelines while eliminating the need to hire a dedicated partner or develop custom integrations.

Here’s a Closer Look at How White Cup Compares to Other Leading CRM Software Solutions.

White Cup CRM
Epicor Prophet 21 CRM
Infor SX.e CRM
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Built for distributors
Contextual business insights
Third-party or custom solution
Third-party or custom solution
ERP integration
Third-party or custom solution
Third-party or custom solution
Third-party or custom solution
eCommerce integration
Additional cost
Additional cost
Third-party or custom solution
Third-party or custom solution
Third-party or custom solution
Marketing automation
Additional cost
Additional cost
Additional cost
Add team members at no extra cost
Total cost of ownership

Why you need a CRM for distributors

There are numerous CRM solutions, but most aren’t designed with distribution sales in mind. General CRM solutions like Salesforce and HubSpot require extensive customization, a level of integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software most providers aren’t equipped to handle, and a steep learning curve.

Other solutions that are built into existing ERP systems may lack essential features or functionality because they aren’t updated as frequently. They may not enable remote access for a sales team on the road. They may not connect to other departments, such as marketing or customer support, leaving your company with a limited view of the customer journey.

ERP Add-Ons
  • Lives within your ERP
  • Lower cost compared to full CRM
  • May lack advanced functionality
  • Less frequent enhancements
  • Difficult to use
The Best of Both Worlds
  • Built for distributors
  • BI dashboards
  • Easier to use
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Lower costs
  • Faster ROI
Generic CRM Platforms
  • More updates and new releases
  • More advanced features
  • Requires custom integrations
  • Higher costs than ERP add-ons
  • Not necessarily easier to use
With a CRM built specifically for distribution, you can get more meaningful insights using data from your ERP and eCommerce platforms and act on them with advanced features. This has many benefits for your organization, including:

A comprehensive customer experience

With widespread access to CRM insights, your team can proactively engage customers. Sales identifies top products, marketing runs effective campaigns, and customer support manages open orders.


CRM software providers that only focus on the distribution business understand how ERP data is structured and how to map it to all the fields you need. This shortens the set-up time to a matter of weeks instead of many months.

Increased user adoption

General CRM systems, lacking vertical focus, often introduce irrelevant features for distributors. This complexity can discourage sales reps and marketing managers from continued use.

Improved collaboration

When every team member uses your system and sees the insights that are most relevant to them, they can prioritize their next best actions and work together to drive growth.

A faster path to returns

Many CRMs limit you to a certain number of users and charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per user, per year. By eliminating these hidden costs, your team achieves a faster ROI.

The Most Critical, Collaborative, Complete CRM for Distributors

White Cup CRM is built by distribution experts and designed for your whole team to use with a single license.
With White Cup CRM and BI, your team can:
White Cup Pricing in BI business intelligence

Centralize product, customer and sales insights

White Cup CRM redefines business intelligence by making ERP, ecommerce and sales data accessible to everyone in dashboards they can see anytime, anywhere.
  • Get customer scorecards in seconds
  • Identify your most profitable accounts and contacts 
  • See purchasing trends to find your best upsell opportunities 
  • Stay on top of open or late orders
  • See customer balances and payments in real time
White Cup CRM and BI email workflow

Collaborate to surpass your sales goals

Act on insights faster with automated sales workflows and templates built for distributors.
  • Create trackable campaigns to acquire new leads
  • Target specific customers with automated emails
  • Send automated lead notifications to the right reps at the right time
  • Set and measure sales goals with seamless forecasting tools
  • Show every rep how their efforts impact the bottom line with sales dashboards

Close deals 75% faster

Accelerate sales with a quoting tool that provides pricing suggestions and a frictionless customer experience.
  • See purchasing and payment history that may impact pricing
  • Get subtotals for kitting and packaging
  • Make it easy for customers to buy with electronic signatures

Seize Every Sales Opportunity with a CRM eCommerce Integration

How much revenue are you missing because your sales team doesn’t have insight into your customers’ online orders? White Cup integrates with leading eCommerce platforms so your team can use online activity to drive more offline sales.
  • Follow up with customers based on online activity
  • Send targeted email campaigns to increase order value
  • Optimize operations and planning with more accurate sales and inventory data

User-friendly White Cup Mobile App

Empower Your Team Anytime, Anywhere With White Cup’s Mobile App

Empower your sales team with CRM and BI tools for enhanced field conversations, quicker activity logging, and increased focus on surpassing quotas.

  • Essential information on accounts, contacts, ship-to locations, and opportunities
  • Task creation and meeting scheduling capability
  • Personalized dashboard with relevant insights

True Business Intelligence From Your Own ERP

White Cup Integrations

White Cup has built integrations with the leading distribution ERPs, to create a seamless onboarding experience. Not using one of these ERPs? We can build a custom integration with any ERP or data source to give your sales team the data they need to win more deals in real-time.

Our ERP integration gives you all the insights you need to see your best opportunities clearly and seize them faster. You can see billing and shipping information on accounts and contacts, accounts payable and accounts receivable, open orders and quotes, sales bookings, inventory snapshots, purchasing data and more.

Some of our leading integrations:

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Oracle Netsuite
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