Analytics to Maximize Customer Value

Analytics to Maximize Customer Value

Accessing Data Analytics within your Business Systems

Existing customers are your most powerful and predictable source of revenue, but it can be difficult to gain insight if you have various stores of customer data distributed throughout your distributorship. Accessing data analytics to maximize customer value helps you identify potential revenue-generating opportunities and prevent issues before they occur with actionable dashboards and reports.

The MITS BI (business intelligence) software uncovers opportunities from your ERP, CRM, and other business systems, to strengthen customer relationships and enable your teams to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence Solution

Our business intelligence solution can maximize the value of your existing customers by allowing users to:


maximize customer value gather iconGather

Capture data from your ERP, and other business systems, into a single point of truth for all teams across your organization.


maximize customer value analyze iconAnalyze

Gain meaningful insight into customer information with role-based dashboards and reports that distill your data into actionable next steps.


maximize customer value profit iconProfit

With action-based tools and workflows to improve inventory management, pricing strategy, margin, expenses, and more, team members are able to align, collaborate, and act to increase revenue and improve cash flow.


Our platform enables your team members to align, collaborate, and act to maximize customer value, increase revenue, and improve cash flow from a single source of truth.

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