Wine Distributor Advances with Data-Driven Sales

After nearly 50 years in business, this Wine Distributor has honed in on exactly what it means to blend data-driven sales and personal relationships. The president of the distributorship explains how White Cup BI software became an integral tool that allows his business to move beyond a spreadsheet and take actionable steps to grow into the future.

Wine Distributor Advances with Data-Driven Sales

Blending Data-Driven Sales and Personal Relationships

In his testimonial, he recounts days when his sales and depletion reports were done by hand with pencil and paper. A bold test involving fictitious and blank reports revealed to him all he needed to know—tedious and delayed sales analytics do not get looked at.

He goes on to say, “as the industry has matured, the industry and its people have become driven by data. And, they have become very transparent.” Now, their suppliers receive data (often daily!) letting them know about the performance of their products: who they sold to, what they sold them when they sold them, and at what price and margin.

“I don’t know how we would operate in today’s environment without a business intelligence tool. It would be impossible; absolutely impossible.”

There’s a tendency to get lost in technicalities, to get lost in the numbers. Although data guides his business decisions, he stresses to his team the age-old lesson that, at the of the day, people buy from people. With White Cup BI, decisions are made quickly and seamlessly.

Our business intelligence tools empower distributors with the information to drive growth, increase profitability, differentiate their business, and engage their employees.