Don't Be the Donut Guy Sales Analytics

Don’t Be the Donut Guy

Everyone knows a Donut Guy. A sales rep who thinks preparing for an on-site customer visit means stopping by with a box of donuts and asking, “What can I help you with?” Don’t be the donut guy!

To be properly prepared for your next customer meeting, you must discuss what matters most to your customers. Come equipped with deep insight into your customer history and their buying patterns. Because if you don’t have insights, you have donuts… and no one wants to be the Donut Guy.

How Can Your Sales Reps Properly Prepare for On-Site Customer Meetings? Here are some big picture items and easily accessible information MITS BI software can give you so you can gain a deeper understanding and insight into your sales performance:

Create Customer Reports

Access internal-only customer performance views for sales reps, management, and the C-Suite.

Quickly drill down into your top 10 customers to see sales totals year to date, trends based on performance last year, year to date profit performance, a difference from sales last year, and open orders.

Uncover concerning customers. Quickly view sales in the current month, sales in recent months, and average sales in the last year.

Access Custom Dashboards

Access customer-specific standalone dashboards to uncover new sales routes. Create actionable steps to achieve your sales quota and to identify issues before they become big issues.

Gain access to a dashboard full of insights specific to each of your customers. Look at things like top products you are currently selling and declining product groups that you used to sell that are no longer moving to uncover why that may be.

Pull up dashboards on your mobile app to open up conversations on all sales, past and present, so you can ace your on-sites and uncover new sales opportunities while you are with them in person.

Work smarter, not harder with a combined BI and CRM platform. Watch this short video below to learn how all your teams can use data…not donuts…to deepen relationships and grow sales.

Don't Be the Donut Guy Sales Analytics

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