distributor using white cup crm with info sx.e erp

White Cup CRM: Infor SX.e ERP’s New Best Friend

As a distributor, your Infor SX.e ERP is like your rock. Your business likely relies on the automation and processes that the software does for you. And for good reason. Having all of your data centralized in a single place saves you time, money, and resources so you can spend more time growing your business.

However, at some point, your business outgrows the capabilities of an Infor ERP alone. Oftentimes, businesses find that while they have purchase orders dialed in, inventory management under control, and finances locked down, there’s a disconnect with customers. Perhaps they’re losing out on opportunities to grow sales because they can’t target specific accounts with specific messaging. Maybe leads are falling through the cracks because nobody is following up with them. The point is that your relationships with existing or potential customers are suffering, so you need to do something.

What is White Cup CRM?

White Cup CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution offering a comprehensive set of distribution-focused features to drive sales, automate marketing activities and keep deals moving to close. It was specifically designed to help distributors get more value out of their SX.e or other Infor ERP systems and solve their biggest challenges.

Problems Solved

  1. If your business has struggled with scattered or disjointed customer data, White Cup CRM puts all of that information on one platform with reports and analysis too.
  2. If you’ve found yourself without an effective tool for marketing, White Cup CRM helps you get the right message to the right audiences every time.
  3. If you’re not winning new accounts to make up for customers that have churned, White Cup CRM provides a systematic method to feed potential customers into the pipeline continuously.
  4. If you lack a historical record of all sales activity for accounts, White Cup CRM holds all that data, so you never enter a conversation or meeting without being caught up on your customer’s unique needs.

The Power of Integration

If you’re done dealing with lackluster customer relationships, inefficient marketing, and lower sales, it’s time to consider the power of integrating Infor SX.e ERP and its new best friend White Cup CRM.

Using the data that you already track, White Cup CRM acts as SX.e’s tag-team partner, allowing you to cover the areas of business operations missed by your ERP. Working together, they will offer greater visibility into your business and ensure that your customers are happy and you’re selling more.

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